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10 Ways to Get a Man to Approach YOU

It's easier than you think!

Back in the olden days, it was considered inappropriate for a woman to approach a man and express interest/ask him out. So, if a woman was interested in a man, she would drop her handkerchief, thereby giving the man (if he was interested) the opportunity to pick up the handkerchief, approach her, and ask her out.

Well, a lot has changed since those days. Women do ask men out. Women make the first move all the time! For more about how to do that, check out my video "Can a Woman Make the First Move?" here. 

But one thing that hasn't changed in all these years is the differences between the male and female energy.

You see, the female energy is all about being and receiving, whereas the male energy is more active. It's about doing and giving.

Therefore, I advise my female clients to remain in their feminine energy and let the man approach THEM (whenever possible).

But sometimes it's easier said than done. How do you get a man to budge out of the corner of the room and come up to you?

Top 10 Ways to Get a Man to Approach YOU: 

1. Always look your best.

Ladies, like it or not, men are very visual creatures and your appearance is the FIRST thing he is going to notice about you. I know it sounds cliché, but you should care about your appearance. After all, it's the first thing someone sees before you even open your mouth! How you present yourself speaks volumes about who you are. Take a little extra time to style your hair and do your makeup (without adding too much!). Also, wear clothing that is comfortable yet flattering to your figure that makes you feel amazing and good about yourself.

2. Stand up straight.

Men LOVE confident women! Even if you don't feel so confident at that moment, something so simple as standing up straight and putting your shoulders back will make you appear more confident than you really are. I always say: "Fake it until you make it." Women with poor posture look insecure.

3. Pay attention to your body language.

Your body language sends signals that we may not even realize. Stay in tune with your body language and make sure it's warm and inviting. For example, arms crossed across the chest is the universal sign for: I'm upset, I didn't get my way, or go away. Make sure that your upper body where your heart chakra is located remains open and definitely don't turn your back to him.

4. Put your phone AWAY!

Not many men will approach a woman whose head is in her phone. The top of my head looks great, no? So unless you're putting his phone number in your phone because he's insisting, leave your phone IN YOUR PURSE!

5. Smile and act friendly.

Resting Bitch Face IS a real thing, and if you feel like you suffer from this condition you may want to keep a slight smile on your face to give the appearance and vibe that you ARE friendly. Listen, most guys have dealt with enough bitches in their life. They don't need another one.

6. Don't travel in packs.

Look, when you're going out specifically to meet men, go ALONE or with ONE girlfriend. Men are often too intimidated to approach a woman who is traveling in a pack, girls. 

7. Make eye contact.

If you see a man that you wish would come over to you, make eye contact with him and hold it for a few seconds. This will give him a clear indication that you are interested and gives him the green light to go over and talk to you. It will also convey confidence and is hella sexy.

8. Pretend like you know him.

Ok, let's say you've been making eye contact, flirting with your eyes, you gave him a smile, and he's still not coming over? As a very last resort you can pretend like you know him. When he does come over, you could say, "Oh! I thought you were someone else but now that I'm seeing you up close you're clearly not him—in fact, you're much cuter." It's a great ice breaker only for the boldest of women.

9. Think good thoughts.

Sending out positive energy ALWAYS makes a person seem more attractive. If you think loving thoughts, you're bound to get back what you put out there. It's impossible to attract a loving partner when you keep thinking about how much you hate this or how angry you are about that.

10. Laugh out loud.

If something is funny, laugh out loud and don't hold yourself back! Men love women that have a sense of humor and don't take themselves too seriously. At the very least, he's going to be thinking: Hey! What's so funny? What did I miss? And his curiosity just might bring him around!

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10 Ways to Get a Man to Approach YOU
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