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4 Tips and Tricks for Valentine's Day for Your Date!

And save your headaches!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner! One of the stereotypical things about Valentine's Day is that it is when boyfriends and husbands pull out all the stops and make the night special for their girlfriend or their wife. I've never been particularly fond of Valentines Day, but when I met Adam he always pulled out all the stops for Valentine's Day, and I've had a few good ones since. 

So I wanted to make this post and kind of turn it into a series for Valentine's Day to help out my guys and girls make it the best night possible for them. This series will be broken down into four posts—this first (this one) will be about how to liven up the date a little bit, hair/makeup and fashion tips for my girls, fashion and hair tips for the gentlemen, and then lastly, presents!

Enjoy these tips and enjoy your Valentine's Day!

Pick an intimate restaurant!

One of the things that couples do on Valentine's Day is go out to eat. Most couples pick a chain restaurant because it's what they know. To make it a little more intimate, pick one of those hole in the wall restaurants. Those types of places are usually more intimate and the atmosphere is just absolutely to die for. They make sure that they create the right atmosphere, especially for Valentine's Day, mainly because they're not as busy as a chain restaurant so they work hard to make your night special. Now it doesn't have to be an expensive place, especially if you are on a budget. 

Do an interactive activity!

One of the stereotypical things a couple does on Valentine's Day is to go see a movie! BORING! Instead of a movie (unless it's a Fifty Shades movie), choose an activity instead where the two of you will be interacting and actually talking to each other. Choose something romantic like a cooking class where you can feed each other, or perhaps a painting class or pottery class where you have to work together to make a beautiful piece of art. There's so many things you can do as an interactive activity, so just do your research and pick something you'll both absolutely love and have fun doing. And if your activity involves something where you're shooting something at each other, then make sure you make up for it later, and that's to your choosing. 

No electronics allowed!

Once of the things that a lot of couples are guilty of (including me and my husband) is that they are just totally engrossed in their phones. It is seriously an issue. So make it a rule for the night that you're not allowed to use your phones during dinner and the activity, or make sure that your phones are off unless you're calling an Uber or a Lyft. This will allow you to focus more on your significant other and give them your undivided attention so that they don't feel so neglected. And it's okay to pull out your phone so you guys can take pictures of the night. Got to have something to remember it by.

Just make sure you have a good time!

And of all things, just make sure to have a great time! It's not every day you go out to dinner and do something special. This is a day to get away from everyday life. Make the best of it, because it's not every day you get to focus on just your partner and fall back in love with them all over again. To remember why you fell in love with them and what makes them special above all the others, and why you see a future with them. 

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4 Tips and Tricks for Valentine's Day for Your Date!
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