5 Things You Should NEVER Do (or Say) to Your Boyfriend

Things to Watch Out for Before Losing that Significant Other

Yes, men have feelings and women should acknowledge the fact that even though we might hide emotions pretty well, they are still there. Keep ignoring them and you might find yourself in an awkward situation with him or even worse, see him walk away. Here are five things that you should never do or say to your boyfriend to avoid such a tragedy. Keep in mind that these tips are for long term relationships, assuming that you two know each other pretty well. 

1. Never tell him that he can't do something (Even if he really can't).

Seriously, nothing is more emasculating than hearing that I can't do something. All women have to understand that men have this "ego" issue that must not be messed around with. If your sink breaks and he offers to help, let him..and do not dare to say he cannot do it, even if you know he is not capable. It is a serious slap in the face to hear your girlfriend say something like, "Sorry, I thought you couldn't do it, so I called someone else." If he is about to lift something heavy, do not go in there and say, "No, stop, it's too heavy." Chances are that he will look at you weird. Men hate being underestimated, no matter how minuscule the situation is. He will eventually want to stick around those who believe him more capable of doing things, whether its changing a light bulb or getting that job position. 

2. Never stop encouraging him.

Your boyfriend saw some things in you that made him stick with you. Chances are that one of those things is the fact that you were, at some point, uplifting. Men take notice of the sudden lack of encouragement that they get and will drift away in search of someone who will provide that encouragement. Whether it is another guy or a girl. Frankly, it is almost always a girl. Someone who is not YOU. See where I'm going? A guy will always want to be around someone who believes in them and feeds their ambition. If you are not that person anymore, he will find someone else who is. 

3. Never stop making him feel attractive.

This one is pretty big. Again, men have an ego factor that applies to everything. Maybe early in the relationship you kept telling him that he looked nice with that new haircut or that he looks amazing after going to the gym. Believe it or not, you are doing yourself a better favor by making him more attached to you. In addition to making him confident and happy, you also build that good energy between both of you and will appreciate you more. But what if this stops? Well, like the previous paragraph mentioned, men often find what they want somewhere else. This even happens involuntarily. Remember that your man may have many other admirers out there, and if he hears more from others than from you, you're in trouble. Just avoid this all-together and make him feel good about himself. 

4. Stop playing your stupid word games.

If there is one thing that men hate, it will probably be dealing with a woman who speaks in riddles. That is, not speaking plainly. I will explain this section in the simplest form. If you have a problem, if you are mad or sad, just say it. Eventually, your boyfriend will have had enough with you not explaining yourself effectively and think about the relationship again. Come to him simple and clear. Tell him how you really feel. I have never met a guy that is completely okay with his girlfriend not coming clear at him. Believe me, this WILL save you time, energy, and probably even your relationship. 

5. Do not waste his time. Give him space to breathe.

This one if for those ladies that got themselves a productive, hard-working man. He has deemed you worthy of his time and love and you should be happy for that. The worst thing you can do in this situation is wasting his time with things that can be postponed to an appropriate time.

One of these massive time wasters is talking on the phone for nonstop hours. This includes texting too. Oh, yes, he may text back and have a conversation, but really you are distracting him from whatever else he is doing and he knows that. Do not wait until he tells you, "This is wasting my time." Know that, at this point, he has come at great lengths to tell you this. I decided to put this one last, because I think it is one of the most important. Distracting your boyfriend from a task almost feels intrusive. He is probably trying hard to get everything over with so he can spend time doing other things — such as spending time with you perhaps. But constantly bothering him with unimportant matters is a lack of respect for him and what he does. Your boyfriend will always appreciate you respecting his time and, in return, he will most likely spend an even better, more fun time with you.

If you take in account these five things, I can promise you that you will have a happy man at your side. All of this really comes down to how you support your significant other. By encouraging, uplifting, flattering, and respecting him, he will be more than thankful and will not — ever — take you for granted. It is very rare to see women who takes all this into account, but I am sure their boyfriends are extremely lucky to have them. 

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5 Things You Should NEVER Do (or Say) to Your Boyfriend
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