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5 Ways to Win My Heart

Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

Alcohol is always welcome! 

I am writing this piece in terms of winning my heart as a person- not as a love interest because as open as I may seem, my heart is a fragile mechanism. I have worn it on my sleeve for years... It keeps taking an emotional pummeling. I live with an open heart which means people wound it on mostly a daily basis. Perhaps in this way I should be more selective as to who "wins it."

I don't like to live with predetermined criteria because it is important to judge a person on their own merit. I would chastise myself if I used a set of ideological and possibly quite frankly selfish argumentation as to who is 'worthy'.

Disclaimer: Obviously in life you can not boil down a simplistic check box list (tick, tick, tick) that would limit the experience of life!!! But I have chosen some examples of what are lovely little editions to a person and what endears a person to my heart and soul.

Further to this; these "things" are nice little extras. I WILL give people the benefit of the doubt and give second... third... tenth chances most the time. (Possible flaw in my own character). But I would like to write this in optimism, idealism, my ultimately hippy outlook and as a cheery post. Often there is not enough niceness to be found on social media so I shall try to be using these posts as a positive voice in a world of hate speech!!!

So I best get on with it: here's to the people past, present and future who have/will steal my heart in all manner of ways!!! I am quite simplistic really.

1) Stimulate me. (Oi cheeky! I mean in a metaphorical and intellectual sense!!!)

I enjoy a good topical discussion. Don't think this means I expect everyone to be versed in all the great pieces of literature, politics and human rights abuses from the 1400s to today!!! I respect passion and enthusiasm for a subject. As you will know if you have been in my life at some point or remain as a constant... I am pretty argumentative. I love debating and pushing people for their opinion. I am loud but nothing makes me respect a person more than if they can disarm me with their views, make me think differently or leave me asking questions. Variety is the spice of life after all so any way I can learn about the richness of this thing we call life is a good thing!!! It is good to be bold in the direction you take your thoughts. I respect people for not following popular opinion, or if this is how they feel backing it up!!!

2) Choose me, choose my company, & fight for me!

I would do anything for my friends and sometimes feel as if I give a little more than I get back. That's cool!! But what is not cool is if I reach out and you turn your back on me. I appreciate that people are fickle creatures but if you forget me when all I have done for you is fight your corner you will slightly break my heart. All I ask is that you choose to hang out with me even if you have another option and make it known that you have selected my company. I am not needy! I appreciate people will have a long list of people they want to spend time with but I would hope to be on that rota of time to share. This goes to prove the idea if people sometimes neglecting to remember all the things you do for them!! Do not be influenced by other people. I may be a "wild card," but I promise you my loyalty is fierce and I will be there for a 3 AM crying phone call if you need me!! Remember I will be honest, but no one will ever be able to question my allegiance and bond to you!!

I am going to be a little bit rebellious and break the rules and add a "2.5)" which runs alongside the above points. Be honest with me!!! I can not abide liars or people who fabricate the truth. I would rather people tell me how their minds are working than think it's better to tell me what they think I want to hear. I am a little bit of an unintentional ninja and do find things out!!! It's more detrimental if a person sugar coats the bitterness of life because that rots the teeth more!!! Be upfront because I am not easily broken by the truth! It's when people hide behind mistruths.

3) Be spontaneous!!

Suggest some "stuff" to do. Sometimes it bores me making all the plans! Tell me you want to go and do zorbing, go to the zoo, go to Warerstones, and sniff books and coffee, etc. I love the idea of sophisticated stuff like dinner parties. Let's cook Thai food together or do a Netflix Marathon!!! I like day trips. I like new ideas. If you have a hobby I may try it out.

4) Accept my quirky habits and the darker part of my personality.

You don't have to KNOW everything about me but please accept me. I know I can be difficult or a little bit weird. But I can take a joke. Let's exchange ideas and try to get a fuller perspective of life.

5) Food is the way to my heart!! Offer me a lunch date and I am yours!! Ha ha!!!

So as you can see, to win me over is pretty simplistic, but to keep me is a little but harder because in the end I am usually forced to be intrinsically disappointed in people!!! So just keep making me believe at least that you care enough about me and I am sure we will remain good friends!!! ❤️

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5 Ways to Win My Heart
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