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50 Shades of Cute and Inexpensive

Cheap or Free Date Ideas to Wow Your Babe

Photo by Tenor

Let's face it—all the good date ideas are either too difficult to access, or are way too expensive for couples who aren't rolling in dough to be able to do. Romance is dead, we're all going to die alone. Right?

Kind of. Unless you're lucky enough to get a hold of this comprehensive list of date ideas that range from free to $10 per person, that can be done in a day or less, with exceptions only due to location and weather.

Prepare to charm the heck out of your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or other without breaking the bank—something both of you can appreciate if you're not crazy or super wealthy. Fear not, all the answers await you below.

Stay in for a cozy at-home date.

Photo via Reddit

1. Build a sick pillow fort: No one is ever too old for these. (FIGHT THE SYSTEM!)

2. Have a music-listening session: Discover new artists or listen to your favs, and get to know what your babe likes; make a playlist together.

3. A movie night—classic, no explanation needed.

4. Watch a sports game: If you're into that.

5. Clean the house: We both know it needs to be done, and you can make a game out of it! Winner takes all! ;)

6. Try something new in the bedroom: Check out my other article BDSM Basics for some extra information on this one. ;)

7. Talk about the future: If your'e at that point in your relationship, pillow talk is the best.

Go outside! The world awaits!

Photo by Lindsten Foto

8. Watch the sunrise—a classic!

9. Watch the sunset—another classic!

10. Go fishing: If you're into that. I love it. Take me fishing babe! *hint hint*

11. Go to the park: No one is too old for the swings and the slide, but you might wanna lay off the teeter totter.

12. Watch planes takeoff/land: This is the coolest thing to me. IDK, I could watch them all day.

13. Play in the snow: Now I don't have any experience in this (Florida grown beach babe through and through), but you Northerners should get out there and freeze your buttons off. Then you can warm each other up later. ;)

14. Play in the rain: Literally the best—bonus points if you score a rainy kiss.

15. Ride bikes: Get active, baby!

16. Go skating (skateboard/roller skates): If you're into that. I'm learning how to longboard. *-*

17. Go hiking: Location-dependent, get them steps in, and it makes for a killer selfie kiss when you get to the top.

18. Go to the beach—classic fun, get your la playa on!

19. Look at the stars, another romantic classic: You could go old fashioned with a blanket on the ground or you can do the Southern special (souping up the bed of your pickup with cozy blankets and pillows).

20. Watch a meteor shower: With the blessing of good weather (I'm still salty about when I had a date night planned for this, but it was cloudy).

21. Look at the clouds, pick out shapes—classic, fun, and underappreciated.

22. Go for a swim: Who doesn't love getting wet with your bae?

23. Camp outside: Once again, you can go for the classic tent or the Southern special.

24. Have a bonfire: Bonus points for SMORES YASSSSS!

Express yourselves together.

Photo by the Gay Passport

25. Have a pamper session: Face masks, bath bombs, and the works.

26. Do each others' makeup: This is a perfect idea for date #26.

27. Make a YouTube video: Lots of ideas for this one, and a possible future post about it, so keep an eye out!

28. Have a karaoke session: You might sound horrible, but if you love each other enough it'll be okay.

29. Have a photography session: All you need is your phone and a creative eye.

30. Make music together: Whether you're banging on pots and pans or playing the bass.

31. Bake/cook something together: Anyone can follow a recipe, and cooking/baking is definitely a valuable skill.

32. Role play: This can be just for fun or even a little spicy if you want. ;)

33. Write each other letters: I read somewhere that relationships last longer and are more successful if you write each other letters so get on that.

34. Do a silly improv: You can look up cool ideas for this, and it can even turn into a fun adult game as well (like grown-up charades).

35. Write a story/song/poem together: If you're into that...

Go out together (for cheapsies).

Photo via Pinterest

36. Go for a drive—always a classic, bump to some tunes too if you dig it.

37. Go to a free/cheap show/concert: There's always local shows and concerts going on that are relatively inexpensive.

38. Learn how to do something new together: Take a class, look up a how-to video, or teach one another something!

39. Go people watching: Easy, free, fun, and hilarious with the right people.

40. Go window shopping: Get a clue for gift ideas later on. *wink wink*

41. Go to the local fair/festival: Relatively inexpensive, usually super fun.

42. Go to a drive-in: Usually inexpensive, and everyone should experience it at least once in their life.

43. Go to a petting zoo: THE CUTEST!

44. Go to the library: If you're into that... no one goes there anymore and it's like a museum.

45. Go on an adventure: Just go somewhere you've never been around your town. Be safe though, okay?

46. Go for tea/coffee/a snack—simple and a classic, and not too expensive if you pick the right joint.

Get competitive!

Nerf Guns

47. Have a nerf war—experience it once.

48. Play a card/board game: I'm super strategic and competitive so I love this category.

49. Play video games together: If you're into that... I love whoopin' by babe's butt at BO3.

50. Have a race/physical competition: You can look up cool ideas for this one online, too.

Happy Dating!

- Vans Life ❤

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