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6 Signs She's Interested

How You Know She Wants You Too

Body Language Is Key

We all know that women have a rough time on the dating scene, but the truth is that the whole process is just as tough for men. Being expected to make the first move all the time is nerve-wracking, especially for shy guys. While there's plenty of advice for women looking to make the first move on men, there's not quite so much insight for men looking to scope out their chances with a woman.

The thing is, though, women are pretty simple (despite what sitcoms tell you), our dating pet peeves are pretty much what you would expect, and our signs of interest are straightforward.

6 Signs She's Interested In You

So, how can you tell that a woman is thinking of you as more than a potential friend? Well, body language is complex and varied, but there are six signs that, in my experience, show that a woman is interested in you!

1) She Touches You

This is key—you might be tempted to think that it means very little, but watch her with other people. Unless she's a very tactile person anyway, her touching you is most likely a sign that she's romantically interested in you.

You see, we touch people while communicating to get their attention, to emphasise a point, and to bond with each other. So, while the touching could be a sign of a platonic affection in people you know well, it's most likely a result of attraction when it's a new person.

Consider where she touches you too: Touching your knees/legs and upper arms or shoulders is more sexual; whereas, someone touching your hands or forearms is more likely to be making an affectionate gesture. (Not that this excludes attraction, it's just a different tone!)

2) She Gives You Her Full Attention

That old chestnut that anyone who is serious about you will make serious effort to be in your life. Likewise, anyone who is interested in getting to know you will make an effort to get to know more about you!

A woman who likes you will look you in the eye and give you an affirmative confirmation or two (nodding, making small sounds, verbally or confirming that she's listening), and will engage with you fully.

If she's looking at other people as they pass, on her phone, or simply staring past you, it's probably time to move your efforts elsewhere.

3) She Asks Personal Questions

Any woman who has more than a passing romantic interest in you will move to questions that dig a little deeper than your music tastes and sports teams.

If she asks about your family, your childhood, or what you see for your future, you can be sure that she's thinking about you as more than just a pitstop or fling!

Are You Perfect For Each Other?

4) She Leans Towards You

If she leans towards you when you're chatting, this is a great sign!

Body language tells us a lot about people and their feelings towards us; women who lean in or point their feet towards you when you're talking are more likely to be interested in you romantically!

5) She Remembers And Follows-Up

If she asks you personal questions, this is a good sign, but when she remembers your answers and follows up on things (for example, if you have an interview), then that's an excellent sign!

6) Her Friends Know About You

The single most important factor is the way she speaks about you to her friends. Women are far more likely to have intimate and co-dependent relationships with their friends than men, so what she says to her friends about you is key.

If you meet her friends by accident and they know nothing about you, or she doesn't introduce you, it's time to re-evaluate because she likely sees you as a booty call or a way to pass time.

If her friends are excited to meet you, however, this is a huge positive because it means she has been preparing to introduce you to her larger life.

If you see these signs in any woman that you're dating this is great because it means she's interested in you as more than a booty-call.