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A Date, Intimacy, and a Police Car

My Worst Date

 I was dating a guy who was my best friend first. He and I dated for nine months, and he was older than me by a year. Our relationship was fun, but there were moments that made me feel like our relationship wasn’t going to last. Whenever I would try to tell him that I loved him, he would call being in love “foolish,” but beg me not to break up with him. He also thought that he was smarter than me because of his age and the fact that his mother was a teacher. He also walked around the high school with arrogance because his father was the associate football coach, and a former city councilman in our town. Plus he could not stand the fact that he lost being valedictorian in his graduating class to a girl. The red flags were everywhere, but I was young and dumb. 

When he was getting ready to go to college in Kentucky, we wanted to spend all of the time in the world together. We planned to go out on our last date together a few days before he was set to travel with his family to school. He picked me up from school in his Banana Boat Buick, and we went to the mall. After spending the whole night there, we were on our way back home when he pulled into an abandoned parking lot. We both wanted to be intimate with each other. We began kissing and he tried to undress me. While he is trying to do this, a bright shining light beams in the car. We look up and see that it is the police! I immediately get dressed and we get out of the car. They ask to see my ex’s ID and they see that I’m younger than him. I was so scared for him because I was praying that this wouldn’t ruin his life. He was going to college that weekend! I saw him looking so scared as they patted him down. Eventually, the officer offered to take me home, but I wouldn’t leave until they told me that wouldn’t arrest him (pretty ballsy, huh?). They did, and I got in the back of their cruiser without being handcuffed. 

I was so nervous that the officer was going to tell my mom and Dad what happened, but he let me go home without disturbing them. Once I got in the house, I blew up his phone, and he finally answered me. He told me that he was alright and that he wasn’t charged with anything. 

I told him that I wanted to see him just for peace of mind the next day, and he said that he would. When I got home from school, I waited and waited. He never showed up. As it turns out, his mother and grandmother took him to Kentucky that day. I had no clue until my mom told me what happened. 

So that was the worst date I have ever had. He and I did not last after that. He broke up with me on Facebook, and after a year of trying to get him back, I finally moved on to another guy who I have been with for almost six years now. Sometimes you have to go through a horrible storm to get the most marvelous sunshine. #myworstdate

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A Date, Intimacy, and a Police Car
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