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A Letter to My Partner

My partner has been my rock and there is so much I want to tell him.

My partner and I have been together for five years. It took me two years to open up to him and actually trust him. Sometimes we fight, other times we simply hang together and just enjoy a nice drink or two reading or playing games together.

We are working towards getting married next year and even though it is a little over a year out for the wedding, we are trying to get our ducks in a row for invitations, photographers, cake designers, and florists for decorating. As well as making sure no family members are harmed in the making of that so called "magical" moment. 

But the one thing I wish the most is to tell him how much it means for him to stick around for so long at my side.

Dear Tigger,

I always count the days in which I wake up every morning and see that groggy smile you put on your face. When you grumble "good morning" every day, kiss me before leaving for work, and enjoy the times spent together. For that I have two words to say and they are "thank you."

Thank you for being my rock, my comfort, and my protector. Most people who have dated me often give up after a month and then they stick around until enough is enough. But you have endured my breakdowns, adult tantrums, and continue to help me strive to be better. 

Thank you for sharing special adventures and moments with me. I enjoy the car rides and signing 'Flawlessly' to any song we play on the road via radio or CD. Your smile is enough to let me know at least I am enjoying not just myself, but us. Us is a unit, a measure of time, and a moment of pure bliss. It is a part of me to proudly be on this journey with you and that everyday I am apart, it's more of wishing you could be with me.

I know there are some days where you are positively full of energy and I may not go along with you in your crazy ideas or your plans, but you know as well as I do that I jump right into them and become part of the missing cog in that beautiful brain of yours. I know that sometimes I may not trust you on some days, but mostly because for me, my problems are usually my own complications due to my nature of thinking, however I have proven to you as a worthy asset of being a great partner for longer down the road.

If my wit and my charm has mystified you in anyway, you can stop me if you have heard this one before. But thank you for being my ray of sunshine above the canvas of my parasol, thank you for being the sunflower blooming from a crack in a roadway, and thank you for being the best medicine any person could ask for. I want you to stay with me, now and forever, until we grow old together and wish to either one of us to end our life on this Earth so that our wonderful conversations can carry on into the afterlife. 

I cherish you as a partner, as a fiancé, as a boyfriend, as a lover, and hopefully as a spouse. There may be six impossible things to tackle before breakfast, yet you make me believe there isn't. I love you with all my heart and appreciate each day with you. May we grow old and live a prosperous life of paradise.


Your adoring Panda

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A Letter to My Partner
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