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A Love Story

What you are reading is a true story.

A boy once knew a girl with hair that gleamed like raven feathers. She had a laugh that touched his soul and lifted him up. Her mind was was sharp like the edge of a diamond blade, her face was that of an angel, and she was wild and free. The boy would get lost in her eyes, swimming in her soul.

The boy became a warrior. He dawned his armor and went off to fight. In the quiet times, he would think of the girl who had captured his own soul and set it ablaze. Sadness would pass through the young Warrior as he sat in a far away land, having never told her that he loved her.

So the young Warrior returned to his homeland and saw the raven haired beauty had become ever more beautiful with the passing of time. His soul longed to be with her's. In one magical moment in time, her lips met his and they became one. Their souls danced for an eternity, rejoicing in the moment—united at last. The fire within now grew ever hotter, but alas, the young Warrior and the gorgeous raven haired mermaid were denied their union as the young Warrior once more went off to war.

The young Warrior saw her smile in every blade of grass. He heard her name on every breeze, smelled her, and tasted her. Everywhere he went, she was there. He remembered the sweet siren song of her voice and he remembered her porcelain skin that always seemed otherworldly smooth. He remembered her soul—her very being. In the darkest times, he would find her and a smile would crease his face.

Many years passed with many more battles for the young Warrior. He would wonder and hope that one day he would see the sparkling eyed mermaid that had stolen his heart. The young Warrior did not know that the mermaid was fighting her own battles, escaping the nets and the spears, and enduring the waves. He didn’t know that the mermaid with the smile that lights the darkest sky was thinking of him. He didn’t know.

As the sands of time continued to shift, the young Warrior was no longer young, when out of the cosmos came a whisper of the name never forgotten. He felt it on his tongue and he whispered, "Pet."

Pet replied, "Scarecrow?" And together, they began their dance once more. The Warrior longing to race to the sea, to dive in, to swim with her, and to set the world ablaze. He looked into her glistening eyes. He saw her perfect smile and her raven hair. He heard her voice and his heart melted. He could feel happiness return once more. Their souls embraced as they danced on the stars, defying the gods. Will the warrior throw away his sword? Will he take off this old armor and leave it to rust? I think he will. Will the mermaid grow legs? Will she come up to the land? Will they walk hand and hand through the forests of time? Once more reunited.

I certainly think they will. Their souls each a part of the other, united for eternity, an endless cycle of love that has repeated throughout the ages—life after life. Let the dual flames burn.

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A Love Story
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