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A Night to Remember


Photo taken by Stephen Green

The Girl

As a barista, I've had the privilege of serving coffee to dozens of pretty girls.

The first time she came into the store I immediately felt my heart relocate to my throat and I nearly forgot to breathe.

“She must be a model,” I thought to myself. Her eyes were blue with orange bursting from her pupils like stars. It was like staring at the dawn, bright and full of energy. She wore grace and majesty like a gown; her style spoke of sophistication.

I wanted to ask her out instantly, but despite her continuous flirting it took me several nerve-racking weeks of stuttering and stumbling to finally force the words out. Relief overwhelmed me when I finally asked her and she said “yes!” I made plans to pick her up Thursday at 7 and spent the rest of the bubbling with excitement.

One Night to Impress

I was so nervous. I felt like bones in my legs were melting. I spent 3 hours (lot more time than the average male) trying to fix my hair and make sure my clothing style was absolutely perfect! I understood the importance of presentation on a first date, and I was determined to ace the test!

I pulled up at 6:57 and checked my mirror one last time to make sure I didn't have any smudges of dirt on my face or that my collar wasn’t out of place. Before I knew it, she had come running from the house and hopped in the passenger seat. "Come on, let's go, I'm hungry!" She burst out gleefully.

We sped off to a local Irish pub that played live folk music and devoured shepherd's pie that blessed our taste buds with savory delight. I was invigorated by the conversation that wove itself throughout our dinner. She was not only gorgeous. She was overflowing with intellect and charm.

She spoke of her master's in performing arts and discussed her many escapades as an actress, singer, and director. She revealed that her true love was philosophy and she was determined that she would make a career of it one day. I knew that I had to find a way to win her heart. I couldn't let this one get away!

She expressed her desire to see "The Rebel in the Rye," a film that had recently been released about the author J. D. Salinger. I found an IMAX theatre and stocked us up on popcorn, Raisinets, and I bought one large drink and a straw to share.

I could hardly pay attention to the movie. I devoted my every sense to the awareness of her presence. She smelled of lavender and I could feel the aura of body heat even from where I sat. She leaned over to lay on my shoulder and arrested my arm for her comfort. My heart raced at the electricity of her touch. I wondered if she noticed my goosebumps and savored the sensation of her arms wrapped around mine. 

A Stab in the Dark

The movie ended far too soon. I drove as slowly as legally possible and took multiple turns to try and extend the trip as long as possible. She continued to cling to my arm and I wasn’t ready for her to stop. I was going to drink in this moment till I had drowned its beauty.

"I've had a wonderful night with you," I stuttered, hoping she too enjoyed the night. "So did I!" she answered enthusiastically. “So what are we going to do when we get back to my house?” she asked playfully. I blushed and felt my body heat soar as excitement washed over me. “Well, I guess we’ll figure that out when we get there,” I said with cheeky confidence. Once again my heart threatened to beat itself into cardiac arrest. I knew that I had made the impression I wanted and I was on my way to a relationship with a woman far beyond my wildest fantasies.

As we pulled up to her house, there was a black Jaguar parked out front. Her demeanor suddenly became morose and she let out a huge sigh. I parked.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm sorry," she said, "but I'm going to have to cut the night shorter than I had hoped."

She reached into her pocket and pulled out something shiny and slipped it onto her left hand. "Thanks for a wonderful night!"

She kissed my cheek and sped off to her door as shock sucked the thoughts out of brain. I felt my heart wither as I drove off, never to see her again...


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A Night to Remember
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