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A Prom Story


Everyone knows that the pinnacle of the high school experience usually revolves around prom. Apparently, people put so much effort and thought into it in order to make it just like the movies. I don't think that many people realize that the movies are just a very fictional version of reality. Prom isn't this big party where everyone drinks and has fun dancing the night away. However, it is a giant overrated dance where people spend way too much money, more than they should. Some people, like me, never would have thought about even going to prom. But I did. Twice. 

Now, you might be wondering why I would go to prom twice if I had no interest in it at all. I even hated wearing dresses at the time (now I wear them much more frequently). Anyways, I went to prom because I wanted to drop a hint to this goofy guy who happened to be one of my close friends that I liked him. He didn't really catch the hint after I asked him to go to prom with me the first time.

The first time going to prom was my Junior year of high school. I was so nervous to ask him to go with me, but I worked up the courage and he said yes. Fast forward to the day of prom and I'm in my poofy dress that almost shoved him off the stairs while we were taking pictures. I was feeling a great number of things from nerves, to anger at all the pictures being taken, to being sweaty, to trying to contain the butterflies in my stomach. I was a mess and was really self conscious. We got to prom and stood there. Awkwardly. We didn't dance because neither one of us really liked to do that, despite our friends constantly trying to push us together. Afterwards, nothing really happened. We went back to our normal high school lives as friends. 

Skipping to the second prom, Senior prom, I asked the same guy to prom because there was no way he would have done it. He said yes again. But he still missed the fact that I was dropping the hint that I liked him. By this time, we were best friends and I was glad that I asked him to go with me again. For Senior prom, I wore a much slimmer dress so I wouldn't push him off any stairs this time. Pictures weren't as awkward and it seemed like round two of prom would be better than the first. But fast forward to prom and we're both sitting at a table this time. Neither one of us really budged even though our friends were still trying to get us to dance. It was like Junior prom all over again except with chairs. We even left early because we were both a little bored. We went to Waffle House to get food. That was great until I could only take about two bites of my waffle before I had to stop eating because I couldn't breathe. My dress was laced up so tight that it was physically hurting me. (The backstory to that is that I was an idiot when I thought I didn't need to alter my dress at all. I totally could have gotten it altered because it was a little too long and a little too loose. That just sounds like a recipe for disaster). I was so upset that I couldn't finish my waffle. I love waffles. Long story short, my night could have been better.

A few months after Senior prom, we started dating and are still dating. I can honestly say that I am probably the happiest that I have ever been now. I know this now seems like its not really a worst date story, but it kind of is. It's just not the typical worst date story. Prom is just one of those times where it is expected to make you happy and feel amazing. But my proms didn't really give that to me. Sure I was happy to go with who is now my boyfriend, but I think that standing around awkwardly and not being able to breathe take away from that. In all honesty, prom was the worst date for me. I can't think of anything else that really is. Even though prom was still a fun time, there was some bad. I think that there is a lesson here. Sometimes there are bad things in what should be good, but innately the good usually outweighs the bad. It's always nice to learn from the stories that might seem like they are the worst. 

I hope you enjoyed #MyWorstDate.

Katie Drummond
Katie Drummond

I am a current student at Georgia College & State University. I am working on getting my bachelor's degree in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. Check out my personal blog at 

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