Pero Milicevic
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A Prom to Remember

The Story of My Prom

On June 22, 2018, it was the day of my senior prom. The event started off really well with me meeting my friends, and they were in their suits, white shirts and ties, however I was the only one wearing purple. They didn’t tell me we were suppose to be matching, so in all the pictures that we took I was the one standing out the most. After we were done taking pictures together at my friend Alessia’s house,  and we were about to board the limo, I announced out loud that, in ten years time, we would do it all over again when I put a ring on Alessia's finger. Her mom was a bit surprised to hear me say that, but my the rest of the parents shared a laugh. When we got to the hall, we sat down, ate some food, took a few more pictures, and we went back after about two hours in the hall, and went back to my other friend Mikayla’s house to change, and prepare for our after prom. While at Mikayla’s house we were all doing shots with the other parents that were there. I thought it would be a good idea to take in seven shots of pure vodka before we headed out to leave for our after prom. Prior to leaving for our actual prom I had a beer and a glass of champagne, so I was a little bit tipsy that night. For after prom the students were leaving on a party bus, and this party bus had a pole on it, and because my friends and people knew I was going into comedy, they expected “entertainment” from me, so you know what they made me do? They made me dance on that pole without a shirt on, so all you see in the videos that people were taking was some skinny fat guy having the time of his life! I had new aspirations that day–forget comedy–I was going to become a male stripper, Magic Mike Triple XL. The funny thing is that prior to us leaving for after prom my friend Alessia’s mom told me, “Pero, you’re the mature one of the group. Take care of our children for us,” and I was just thinking, “Right.” We got back from after prom at around two in the morning, and it was pouring rain outside, we were all drenched, and the bus dropped us off at the recreation centre that was right next to our school, and I was the closest one who lived near by, so we all walked to my house in the pouring rain and slept over at my place for the night. The next morning all my parents saw was seven (including myself) wet, passed out guys sleeping in the beds and mattresses around their house. It was a very fun adventure/experience! 

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A Prom to Remember
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