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A Story of a Girl Who Defeats Her Monsters


Once upon a time, there lived a princess who knew the stories of monsters. She read tales of them that haunted fair ladies such as she. She looked into them as to discover why she felt she was being watched. She wondered if it was the monsters who put chills down her spine. The Princess thought of a clear solution to getting rid of the monsters who plagued her. If she found a Prince Charming, her monsters would be scared and run away!

A discovery across the land and she believed she found him!

He was tall and brave and smart and just perfect. She heard tales of brave efforts for damsels throughout the country. Oh, he’s perfect! She thought. Although she was naïve, the tales were not for his courage, but for his lust. His hands soon rested on her hips for too long and his eyes wandered places she did not desire. She rejected these actions until she thought the act might distract her from the demons which she worried for.

They did not for long. His eyes wandered more and more, even with their courtship. She was disgusted with his actions and threw him aside. She did not make this man hers to woo others. The watchful eyes grew stronger and her nights longer. After many dawns and dusks alike, she felt heavy. Her body grew weak and aching. Were the monsters doing this? Was this because she had no prince to protect her?

She was a princess of beautiful graces with dark bags under her eyes. Shadows loomed under her feet that crawled up and close her chest; panicked in learning the definition of betrayal and heartbreak. Princesses don’t stay princesses forever, which means seeing that you don’t have to fear monsters under your bed. You don’t have to fear dragons who breathe fire or put you in a tower. Sometimes the monsters look like friends or family and they trap you in a tower no dragon can compare. Sometimes the monster lurks inside you with whispers of lies. A voice spoke to the princess's ear for the first time when she began to grow. As the voice spoke, her spine chilled, her hair raised, and her palms sweat.

Soon she knew that not all monsters roared and had scales.

Soon she knew that monsters aren’t what can keep you up at night.

Soon she knew that not all princesses got love at first sight.

Her dresses were soon torn and ripped. Windows shattered. Walls destroyed. Broken Princess. She hurt and blamed it on the monsters, but she looked into the mirror and paused. She saw tears streaming down her cheeks and a disaster behind her. Her room looked like the aftermath of a storm. She knew then that the monster didn’t do this to her because she did this herself. She used her own hands to create this mess.

She grew taller and more beautiful as time prevailed these feelings. Eventually, she understood what monsters were and why they hurt. Monsters don’t always have a reason to tear you open. That’s what makes them monsters. Worst of all she learned she can be a monster, too, but that doesn’t mean she has to be. As she grew older, she learned that some Kings and Queens still had monsters to hide from, so it was okay to still be scared. Being scared allowed her to grow and mature. She would soon learn to tame her monsters along with the knowledge that Princes aren’t the solution. Everyone has a monster to torment them, even if they, themselves, are a monster.

She grew older to become a Queen. The Queen was accompanied by a King who sat by her side to console her monsters, but that was not all. She loved him for more than someone who comforts her monsters, because he was a prince who knew about monsters.

And they lived as happily as they could.

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A Story of a Girl Who Defeats Her Monsters
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