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A Thank You to All My Friends

So much love for all of you

To The One Who Has Always Been Family:

Our families have known each other for a few years short of two decades, and have loved each other just as long. No matter where life takes us and our families, we will always share an unbreakable bond because along the way, our families became one. You are the first person to show me what unconditional love is from someone other than my parents, the first person to stick up for me, and the first girl I would ever call my best friend. My life is better because I have you in it and I couldn’t be more thankful.

To The One Who Is My Heart & Soul:

I think our friendship was extremely unexpected for the both of us, and I definitely never would have pictured our friendship being so unbreakably strong. After two years of being friends, I went to a private high school and you didn’t have a cellphone so we were lucky if we spoke once every six months. That never changed anything because we only ever picked right back up from where we left off. You have been by my side through the darkest points of my life and helped me get through each of them. We have been each other’s support systems emotionally (even with school), and have even worked together. I can’t wait to experience the rest of life with you, be in each other’s weddings, and be godparents to each other’s children. You have such a big place in my heart and I seriously could never do life without you.

To The One Who Became The Sister I Never Wanted But Always Needed:

Another unexpected friendship because we both know things didn’t start off smoothly. However, that quickly changed and we were inseparable within a matter of weeks. You have helped me become a stronger person, and have helped me learn what I do and don’t deserve. Some of my best memories ever are with you—from crazy summer nights, MDWs, house parties, and everything in between. You have been such a light in my life and I have never had a more realistic sisterly bond with anyone else. We’ve driven each other crazy and gotten on each other’s nerves, but that never made us love each other any less. I am so happy you have become a part of my family and that our families have both adopted us in. I can’t wait to raise our children as cousins and keep being our crazy selves well into our 80s.

To My First Friend Group:

Most of you have been in my life since we were three years old; AKA we’ve known each other for pretty much our entire lives. You guys are the first friends I made, and no matter how different the paths we travel down are, I will always have love in my heart for you guys. From walking around town together, playing manhunt in parks or our elementary school, enjoying class parties with our moms as class parents, birthday parties, and everything in between, you guys have given me some of my best memories and helped make my childhood everything it was.

To The Ones I've Grown Up With:

We were young teenagers when we meet and are now graduating college. It's amazing to look back on all the things we’ve done together and how much we’ve grown up since we first met. I’ve never had people fit my weirdness so much, have gone through such significant life changes with any other people, and have gone from being a young teen to a young adult with. I’m so happy that you guys will always be by my side (even if that means via text or FaceTime) and I can’t wait to go through adulthood together. We’ll be 40 years old, still reminiscing on our high school days and college adventures, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

To The Ones Who Became My Siblings:

Isn’t it funny that those I consider my siblings have come from some of the most unexpected friendships ever? No matter when we met, you became such an essential part of my life. My kids will know you as their aunts and uncles, you’ll be in my wedding party, and will have a special place in my heart forever. I might only have one biological sibling, but the universe has given me so many more.

To The One Who Was My First Roomie:

Where do I even begin? You were the first person I ever shared a bedroom with and the first person I ever lived with away from home. We became so close instantly, and there wasn’t a thing we didn’t do without each other. We shared clothes, meals, friends, drinks, and everything else in between. I miss our life talks as we laid in our beds in the pitch black and our nights out. I’m forever thankful that I started my college experience with you and that I’ll have you in my life forever. Here’s to always being each other’s “right hand,” best friend, sister, roomie, future bridesmaid, aunt to my children, and my go-to person. I love you!!

To The Ones Who I've Shared My Best Four Years With:

Thankfully the people I started these four years with are the same people I’m ending it with. Parties, bars, Punta Cana, and all the craziness in between, I share amazing memories with you guys. You have become family to me, and have made college my home away from home. Graduating is so hard because it means not being within a 10-minute radius of all of you. We went from being immature college freshmen to (kind of) mature college seniors. I love you all so much and can’t wait to tell all of our kids about our college memories. Thanks for making college the best four years of my life and always offering solstice when I’m stressed, sad, or just need people to let loose with. You guys have a place in my heart and in my life forever, no matter where our “real adult” lives take us.

To My Girls:

How quickly we grew so close as a whole will always surprise me. I live for our group chats and being in contact 24/7. We laugh and cry together, and I think we can all agree our friendship has very few boundaries. The unconditional love and support I get from you guys helps me get through my bad days and adds some extra light to my good days. The unconditional love and support we give each other warms my heart. We have fun no matter where we are or what we’re doing, and I know that will never change. I can’t wait to reenact all of our pics together, be in one another's weddings, and being aunts to one another’s kids. Graduating college is just one of many milestones we’ll complete together. The Girl’s Room forever and ever, love you all immensely.

To The Ones I’ve Met Along The Way & Will Always Have Love For:

Whether we still speak or not, or how often we speak or not, I’ll always care about you. Maybe our paths aligned for a while and life took us different places, and that’s okay. I will always be there “in the stands,” cheering you on and hoping all the best for you. We share amazing memories, good laughs, and have picked each other up when we are down. You have played a role in who I am today.

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A Thank You to All My Friends
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