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A Timeless Love

Two people, one story

Him: ...happiness never comes when it has to.

Her: I'll be happy about these moments, so important, who knows when-

Him: A long time ago, I kissed a girl. I felt nothing but a bitter flesh taste. The taste of a hand, like I kissed just a simple hand.

Her: I couldn't tell the difference, the thrill.

Him: That's how it happens. Only after two days, some sort of happiness got to me. Out of nowhere.

Her: What type of happiness?

Him: A painful happiness...

Her: You would never think such a precious feeling is painful.

Him: It is, when you fall in love...

Her: ...with the wrong person.

Him: Even now I remember that bitter kiss, that weird, unexplainable happiness, the face that led to something, a feeling that was not needed.

Her: You weren't ready.

Him: I wasn't prepared.

Her: Nobody knows when they fall in love. It just happens.

Him: That's it. You should never fall in love...

Her: ...but be in love with someone.

Him: If I could turn back time, I wouldn't change it anyway.

Her: Why would you?

Him: Her memory...

Her: His black hair that looked rough at first but under my tender touch, it would turn soft.

Him: Her deep dark eyes. Not black, nor brown, but somewhere in between. They made me feel like I was falling into a dark pit.

Her: His gaze that was burning me down.

Him: Her innocent smile and childish ways that made me want to protect her.

Her: His broad back and wide shoulders that made me feel safe and secure.

Him: Her scent...the scent of an angel.

Her: His scent...the scent of a devil.

Him: I didn't love her at first, it was just a carnal desire, just lust.

Her: She didn't realise that the wolf has tracked her down.

Him: I wanted her, I had her.

Her: She gave herself to him, her body, her life, her soul...

Him: Her everything, she was mine.

Her: She was his.

Him: Love, how did that feeling rise into my heart?

Her: Maybe it was her warmth...

Him: ...her kindness, her love that melted my cold heart.

Her: You never know if or how much you love a person until that person is gone, when it's too late.

Him: She left me.

Her: She couldn't take it anymore.

Him: The feelings that were pouring out from her side, I took it for granted,

Her: Broken promises, lies, pain...

Him: I hurt her.

Her: He didn't wanna hurt her.

Him: I wanted her.

Her: They both knew she was going to end up broken hearted.

Him: ... she still came back to me, over and over again.

Her: She was strong, persistent, never the girl to give up.

Him: But she was having enough.

Her: She left.

Him: ...and came back, for the last time, my love.

Her: Your hair is not black anymore.

Him: Your eyes are not as dark as they used to be.

Her: ...but it still goes soft under my touch.

Him: ...but I still get lost in them.

Her: How time has passed.

Him: But we've been through it all, together.

Her: I love you...

Him: Forever and beyond.

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A Timeless Love
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