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Act of Submitting


The act of submitting is to surrender to someone. Submission has gotten a bad name yes; some people use it to control a person or persons. I am talking about the act of couples being gentle with each other in submission to create a strong connection.

Some women want a man that they can be submissive too, but not taken for granted or have their submission abused by his power. As a woman, we must figure out if the guy we are with is worth submitting to? Submission is something you may want to do for your man if he is worthy of it.

Only you can determine if your man is worthy of submission. Submission should be a gift and not a demand. The act of being submissive is something a man should earn or vice versa. Both partners can be submissive to each other. However, people look for the women to be submissive because she is the gentler sex. Submission is not a form of weakness in a relationship; it’s a gift. Being submissive doesn't make you the weaker sex ladies. It gives you power if used correctly.

For me, the act of submission comes easily. I want my man to lead, be the head of the relationship and dominate in bed. I trust him enough to be submissive to him outside the bedroom. In the bedroom, I trust him enough to not hurt me physically while I am being submissive sexually. (You all have seen the movies and read books on sexual submission.)

For me, I do not seek to be the controller of our relationship nor wear the pants. I was created to be the gentler, loving, caring, and nurturing sex. Maybe it just comes so naturally being a Cancer but, I was created to be his haven when the world is so loud and he needs to get away. So, I use submission to give him authority and be there when he needs to rest his head on my chest. To be the quiet in his storm.

When used the right way, submission can be a wonderful thing for both parties. It is pleasing to both partners. The limit of communication and ecstasy in your relationship will hit its highest peaks. Again, if used correctly and respectfully, it can be a heavenly thing for a couple.

Start practicing the act of submission in your daily living if you have a mate and for those looking still practice submitting to different things in your life it will help you prepare for your future mate.

Men, you all should practice submitting to your woman. Guys, let her be your haven for sweet tender hugs, gentle responses and nurturing side. You are the alpha lion, let her be your kitten. Guys, don’t be afraid to be submissive and please your partner's needs. Not just sexually, but outside the bedroom also. Submission is not just a sexual act it can be used in various ways.

What’s stopping you from being submissive?