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Be You

You ever get the feeling that you are from another planet? Like you just don’t belong here? I do. I get that feeling all the time. I just don’t belong where I am at. I think in another language. I feel as if this air I breathe is too tight.

My imagination is usually the cause of my mischief. I decide that if I could dream it up then I can live it out. I wonder if that is how people feel when they create manga or comics. Lately, my teachers have said that my imagination will end up killing me or imprisoning me, but I am already imprisoned. I have no freedom. I am forbidden to think my thoughts or sing my songs. Society has a way of bashing anyone who is different. God forbid if you were to walk on the dirt roads instead of the yellow brick road.

I am an alien in this modernized world. I rather play laser tag instead of Call of Duty: Black Ops. Why must I be judged for loving the same gender as me or a different race? Sure, we can argue that the world is evolving and becoming more accepting, but the world is still full of judgmental people. There will always be somebody who is fighting for people to be the same. We continue to kill off the ones who are different than us. Homophobia and racism are still at a high even if the rates have lowered. Okay, I have gotten off topic. Sorry about that.

My imagination. I have a creative mind. I do not like to sit around for too long speaking of what could or should be. I'd rather build or draw out the hypothetical subject. Why sit and talk about a scenario if we could create said scenario. I do not want to ask the Wizard of Oz to grant me a wish, I'd rather build my dreams. I do not wish to walk down a yellow brick road, I'd much rather paint my own path. Why not create a pink road or a blue street? Society has found a way to shut people into closets (no pun intended) and slowly people are coming out (again no pun there). We, the people, are finding our voices. And even though some are embracing who they are, many are still scared. I mean we have a president who used to, maybe still does, help society put these thoughts in our heads. “We will build a wall”. Are we building a wall to stop crime or are we shutting people out? Is it a crime to be different? Cause if so arrest me.

I did not write this paper to cause an uproar or to be political, I simply typed it because I had it on my mind. Why are we so afraid to speak our mind? What is wrong with wanting to sing about things other than money, love or drugs? Can I love another woman without being called a want-to-be man? Can I love another race without being a traitor? Black lives matter. White lives matter. Gay lives matter. We all matter. Muslims matter. Buddhists matter. Creativity matters.

My rant may not make sense or may be all over the place. I apologize for that, but it is hard to write everything that is on my mind within only one topic. My auntie told me, “Be you for you. Do not let society reel you in. Do not hide in the dark for anyone. Shine your light. The world may try to dim it and people may judge or even try to kill you for you being you, but if you hide who you are, you are already dead.”

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