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Allie with the Emerald Green Eyes

#NYCMidnightShortStoryChallenge2019 (Round 2)

The first thing I saw were her eyes. Those breathtaking emerald green eyes. It was so easy to get lost in them, to the point where everything around me just disappeared. She was so close to me that I could smell her perfume from her neck, which smelled like roses and strawberries. Bumping into me, she mumbled sorry, but the second our eyes met, she gave me the brightest smile I had ever seen. She blushed, immediately turning her face, and began to walk away. My eyes couldn’t help but follow her, and then she looked back at me. Now I was smiling like an idiot. Move dude, go get her, don’t just stand there.

“Hey wait!” I pushed my way through the crowd of all the people dancing around me to get to her. Once I got close enough I reached out to grab her hand. “Wait-”

“Oh... hi!” She pushed back a strand of her hair behind her ear, then pulled her hand away from mine. For a moment no one said anything, we just kept nervously looking at each other. “I’m sorry for bumping into you! It’s just you know how clubs are once they get packed!”

“Oh, no don’t worry about it. I just, um... well don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you’re really beautiful! Sorry, that was so corny, and you’ve probably been told that several times tonight!” She just stared at me. I’m not sure if it was out of shock or fear. “Okay, I’m going to go-”

“Wait, no, don’t go! I thought that was very sweet, and no I haven't heard that at all tonight!” Now I’m shocked.

“Well, if that’s the case, I could go on, maybe we could go somewhere a little quieter, so I don’t have to shout compliments at you?” She giggled. Wow, she’s really cute. Another girl approached her, and whispered something in her ear, making her smile drop for a moment.

“Sorry stranger, maybe next time... if we bump into each other again!”

“I hope we do! Wait can I at least get your name?” Before she can answer she was already pulled away by the crowd. “Wow…” There was a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see my friend Penelope.

“Dude, what’s taking so long? You were supposed to get a drink, and come right back!”

“Sorry I just met-”

“You can tell me about it later! We need to get this project done, so I can play my kind of music, not the crap they want me to play for this stupid music study.” She drags me to this kind of “DJ tower” thing before I can get another word in. We came to Paris together for spring break to work on a music project. It's a study to see how people react to different kinds of music. Thing is, seeing as how we are in the city of love it’s dampening Pen’s mood, because she just broke up with her girlfriend. They only dated for about a month or so, but apparently, it was because they were in “different places” in the relationship. I never met the girl seeing as how Pen and I only recently really became friends. Either way, Pen had no interest now in talking about anything even closely related to love of any kind.

“Okay, how much do we have left to do, because there’s this girl-”

“Tyler, you’re really going to talk to me about some girl right now with what I’m dealing with.” I hesitated to say anything else. I didn't want to upset her anymore, but there's something about that girl. I needed to see her again.

“I’m sorry. It’s just something about her is special, and I want to find out what it is!” Pen just stood there giving me the death stare. I swallowed a hard gulp, and stayed quiet.

“Can we just finish this! Then you can do whatever the hell you want.” Now I felt awful, so I decided not to push it any further. “I’m going to play some jazz next. After about thirty seconds this time, see if anyone has cleared the dance floor.” She started playing some really old school jazz, maybe Ella Fitzgerald, or Aretha Franklin was singing. The timer on my watch went off at thirty seconds, and I looked down below at the crowd. Most of what seemed like the single people started walking off to the sides. I think a couple of people even booed. Those who remained seemed to pair off with their significant others.

“Okay I want to say about a third of the people down there left, and the rest are in couples.”

“Ugh! Okay, are any of them doing anything other than dancing.” I looked back down at the crowd, scanning for anything interesting going on. One guy was being a pervert with some girl, and she pushed him to get away. In the corner, there were two guys just making out without a care in the world.

“Just looks like people are getting horny-” Before I can finish my sentence I see her again. The girl that bumped into me before. “Uh, I gotta go.”

“What do you mean you have to go? Tyler I swear to God!” Making my way down the stairs, I ignored Pen in her attempt to stop me. Once I got down to ground level I’m confused as to what direction I saw the girl in. Jumping up and down a couple of times, I tried to catch a glimpse of her, but I couldn’t see anything resembling that mesmerizing face. After a few seconds, I just picked a direction to walk in hoping for the best. Great, with my luck, I’ll walk right past her, and not even know it.

“Hey stranger!” The sweet voice came from behind me. I turned around, and there she was again.

“Okay, can I please get your name this time before you run off again!” She smiled, but didn’t say anything. Grabbing my hand, she took me to this balcony with an amazing view of the city, and the Eiffel tower. “This view is amazing. Almost as much as you are.”

“Oh stop, you don’t even know me. How would you know that I’m ‘amazing’ to any extent?” I just looked at her for a second. She kept avoiding looking directly at me, and smiled at the view.

“Call it a gut feeling… I did also mention how beautiful you are, right, because it’s very important that I say that.” We both laughed. Once again she doesn’t say anything, but continues to smile, even blushes. “My name is Tyler by the way.”

“I’m Allie.” Another pause. “So what brings you to Paris, I get the feeling you’re not from here.”

“That obvious huh. No, I’m not. I’m from Cali, but I’m here for spring break with a friend for a project.”

“Wait, I’m from California too. You don’t happen to go to USC do you?”

“Actually, yes, I do! This is crazy, how have we not met before? You know what would be really insane is if we were in the same department too.” That last part was more of me just thinking out loud, but the more I thought about it, the more I wondered. We both looked at each other, and said it at the same time.

“I’m in the music department, and I'm here for the music and emotion study.” Now we are both shocked. What’s happening? How have I never noticed her before?

“I knew there was a reason I had to see you again. Still, this is crazy.”

“Tell me about it. So why Paris of all places for the study? I mean I figured Paris being one of the most romantic cities in the world, they’re bound to have strong feelings towards music here.” I swear the more she talks, the more perfect she seems to be.

“Honestly I feel the same way. I’m more for the classical, and emotion-filled music, rather than most of the stuff you hear in the states. Just like the rest of the world, people don’t seem to want to feel any real emotion anymore.” I didn’t notice it before, but in all that time, we had gotten closer to each other. So close I could so easily smell her perfume again.

“Wow. It’s weird I feel like you’re the first person in a while that I’ve met that feels the same way.” Is this really happening? Should I kiss her? She’s so close to me I could just-

“Tyler!” And just like that, the moment was ruined. “Allie?”


“Wait, you two know each other?” How does Pen know this girl, and yet I’ve never seen her before?

“This is the ex-girlfriend I was-”

“Ex-girlfriend? We talked about this we never dated, we just hooked up the one time!”

“Wait what?” I’m falling for my friend’s, not quite ex? Oh no. Penelope runs off, tears in her eyes. Should I go after her?

“Tyler it’s not what you-”

“I should probably go check on her…” A small part of me wanted her to stop me, but she didn’t. She just held her head down, and turned back to the view. Then I went after Pen. I go back up to the DJ tower, but she isn’t there. Looking down at the crowd from above, I hope to see her, but nothing. Maybe she’s at the bar, or maybe she left? Racing back down, and through the crowd, I see she’s not at the bar, and rush to the exit. To my luck she was just outside.

“Pen, I’m sorry, I didn’t-”

“No, she’s right. It was just a hookup. She told me right off the bat that she had never been with a girl before. I was the one who suggested the whole thing. I didn’t tell you, because I didn’t want you to think I was that pathetic. Falling for a girl that never really wanted me in the first place. But now you’ve met her, you see how enticing she is. Ugh, my DJ name might as well be Lovesick DJ Pen with all of this.” I try to hold it in, but I burst out laughing at that last comment. After a second she joined in.

“Pen, look, it’s not necessarily any of my business, but had you told me that, I wouldn’t have thought you were pathetic, because of it. And actually, I thing Lovesick DJ Pen is a great DJ name for you.” We laughed again, but after the laughter stopped, there is an awkward pause. “Look I know you’re still hurt by everything, but would I be the worst person in the world if I said I really felt a connection with her?” For a moment she just looked down to the floor. I honestly thought she might just curse me out, and prepared myself for the blow.

“Honestly, as much as I hate to say it; no you wouldn’t. If anything you might just be stupid for falling for her as I did, but who am I to say?” She looked back at the club, and then at me. “What are you still doing here–go get her. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine… Go!” Wow, I can’t believe how cool she’s being about this. I gotta go find Allie! This time running back into the club, my heart was racing with the thought of what might happen next. I pushed, and shoved my way through back to the balcony, hoping she was still there.

“Tyler. You came back?” Before she could say anything else, or I can talk myself out of it, I walked up to her, put one hand on her cheek, and another on her waist, and looked in those gorgeous emerald green eyes, and I kissed her. The most amazing kiss, with the most amazing girl I would ever meet.

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Allie with the Emerald Green Eyes
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