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Apps for Long Distance Relationships

Have a long distance sweetie you miss? These apps for long distance relationships will make life a whole lot easier.

Most people have the luxury of dating locals, but not all of us have that luxury. Being in a long distance relationship is brutal, but thankfully, it's not as bad as it once was. There are now tons of products that help people from around the world stay in contact with their significant others. 

The market has started to show that long distance relationships are more common than ever before — and, as a result, more products and services than ever before exist for people who have partners hundreds of miles away. There are now toys for couples in LDRs, special long distance relationship gifts to get, and even software to help you better connect. 

Apps, in particular, seem to be major helpers for those who have LDRs. If you have a long distance relationship, downloading these awesome apps might just make your relationship a bit more manageable than before. 


Couple bills itself as an "app for two," and that's exactly what it is. This iPhone app allows you to chat with one another, have private talks with one another, and also see a romantic timeline between the two of you. 

Best of all, it's made for TWO people — not three or four. So, it basically turns your phone into a cute little lover's album filled with your best memories and gives you a direct line to the person who you care about the most. Using this app is a great way to make it work regardless of distance and time. 

Sentimental people will agree that this is one of the best apps for long distance relationships, as well as one of the better memory-keeping apps out there, too. 


Remember how we said that there were sex toys for couples in long distance relationships? Lovense is a company that makes them — and their app is one of the best apps for long term relationships because it allows your partner to send good vibes your way in a pretty literal sense. 

Sure, you will need to have a Lovense toy to make this app work well, but it's really worth it. It's available on iPhones and Androids and will make getting lucky at a long distance way easier. It even has a solo mode, if you're single. What's not to love? 


Couplete is an app that is specially designed for couples who want to make amazing memories together. That's why it's one of the best apps for long distance relationships — it's made to make the most of your time together. 

This app will help you find cool new things to do with your boo, give you ways to catalog a cute timeline together, chat with one another, send love notes to one another, and even create wish lists. 

Couples who have communication issues or problems forgetting about things will like it. Now, you know you have evidence of dropping hints for your next birthday present. No matter how you look at it, it's a great app.

Best of all, it's on Android and iOS.  


Love your long distance relationship, but hate the long distance phone call bills? Line is one of the best apps for long distance relationships on a budget, primarily because it offers free phone calls and free video calls as long as you're on the app. 

It's also a more expressive app, thanks to its huge array of different stickers. So, if you're a sticker fan, this will be an awesome chat app to download. Better still, it's on both iOS and Android system. Miss your sweetie? Drop them a Line!


Couples who find themselves short on time and struggling with Skype's epic fail moments might want to take a look at Without. This app is built for people who have separation anxiety, and also can detect when you and your partner are hanging out together. 

Users get to enjoy selfie snapshots, instant messaging, as well as an add-on to your "Today" view that lets you see your partner's face anytime. It's easy to use, and also runs smoothly. 

Vibease Chat

If you have a teledildonic vibrator from Vibease, then you already may be aware of Vibease Chat. This is one of the best apps for long distance relationships, primarily because it allows you to have intimate moments with your partner from miles away.

Unlike other LDR apps geared towards intimacy, this app also allows you to chat with your partner, select a pre-programmed fantasy setup, and control your own vibes as well. Needless to say, it's a way more customized take on a standard sex toy app.

You can get it in both iOS and Android versions — so you never have to worry about your partner not having the right phone for your long distance love life. 


One of the newer apps for long distance relationships is NUJJ, an app that combines vibrations with a loving message. With NUJJ, couples only have to shake their phones to give thier partners a loving "nudge" to make them know you're thinking of them. 

It's a simple cute app that's great for just giving your partner a little reminder that you miss them throughout the day. 


Between is a social networking app that's designed specifically for couples in both long and short distance relationships. What makes this one of the best apps for long distance relationships is the fact that it allows a ton of different ways to interact via app. 

You and your partner get to have a timeline that celebrates your relationship, allows you to set reminders for special days, has a fully integrated chat option, and even gives you a calendar to plan cute dates through. 

As of right now, it's considered to be one of the top apps in its class, with over 20 million users around the globe enjoying its perks. 


One of the hardest issues for couples who are long distance is actually keeping the relationship healthy. Lasting is an app that works as a 5-minute therapist who can smooth out the kinks and miscommunications that happen when you're in an LDR — or just a regular relationship, really. 

Lasting allows you to learn how to communicate effectively with your partner and establish healthy rituals in your relationship. Needless to say, Lasting is one of the smartest apps for long distance relationships that want to actually go the distance. 


If you're a partner in a relationship where you often don't have much time to see your boo, then you're going to love Pillow. This is one of the most time-efficient apps for long distance relationships and time-constrained relationships alike. 

Pillow teaches you how to keep intimacy alive in times where you both might be a bit pressed for time, and also allows you to send some love to them via app features. Couples get to check out cool follow-along adventures, all while learning about their loved one. What could be cooler than that?

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