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Top ten lists and things in my personal life 

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Shattered Secrets (Ch. 8)
4 months ago
The bonfire roared fiercely as the entire student body stood around it as if they were performing a ritual. Everyone was holding red cups, but no one was drinking anything but fizzy drinks, at least t...
Getting My Life Back on Track
4 months ago
Dear me, It's been a while since I wrote anything remotely interesting that would grab my fancy actually to read back and listen to it and I know currently, you feel this too. But recently, we both kn...
Shattered Secrets (Ch. 1)
4 months ago
Kieran was still dating people he did not like. Of course, he did not tell the people he had just finished up the date with that he did not like them. It was common courtesy to politely decline the ne...
Our Two Hearts—Short Story
4 months ago
Meet me at six o’clock at the cinema in town. I couldn't believe it! Jason Wray had asked me out on a date! The date was not my plan for the night what-so-ever. Jason had planned it, I had just gone w...