Abby W

A 20 year old college student just looking for a way to get by through sharing her experiences with other people.

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Psych and Prejudice Pt. 6
8 months ago
There's a bunch of video trailers for a new movie that came out this year that focuses on an African-American who works at a call center. Many people hang up on him when he talks normally, which then prompts his coworker to give him the advice to talk like a white person. He does and starts to get more responses than he did normally. There is a term for what he does, it is called code-switching. Code-switching is when we change up the way we speak in order to get a better outcome than what would...
All the Small Things
9 months ago
I came up with the idea to write this piece while I was laying in bed next to my sleeping boyfriend at the hotel we were staying at. He had come up to visit me at college and whisked me away for a weekend full of renaissance fairs and fun. While I was beginning to fall asleep, I just thought of all the little things, good and bad, that had happened this weekend. For example, at the renaissance faire, I had the brilliant idea to have us make wax hands of our hands so that when you put them togeth...
Tinder: Kindling a Romance in the 21st Century
a year ago
Dating throughout the years has changed dramatically. Dating has gone from the arranged marriages of the middle ages, to the social seasons that led to courtships of the 17th and 18th centuries in Lon...
Relationships Killed My Dreams
a year ago
Since I graduated high school, all I've wanted to do was study abroad. Freshman year of college I walked into the study abroad office and decided that I would be studying abroad in Scotland during the...