Adam Hayton

Hi, I’m Adam. 

With my writing, I’m hoping to cover everything from non-fiction to fiction, love and lies all the way to happiness and special moments. Writing is my passion and I hope to share that with you all.

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Where Do We Go Next?
2 months ago
Where do we go next? Things end. Everything ends at some point or another. It's how things end that affects us. Do you remember Lily? Well, I'm trying to forget all about her. As sad as it is for me, ...
One Take
2 months ago
Letting Go I’m writing this on the fly, it’s clear tonight, and I can see the stars. They’re fascinating, I can’t even begin to imagine how many are out there. I’m getting off topic, I know, but that’...
Love (Part 3)
2 months ago
Love (Part 3) Well, hello again. Thank you for joining me, thank you also if you’ve read parts one and two. If you haven’t and this is your first piece, that’s okay. Thank you for taking the time to r...
Untitled (I Don’t Have a Name for This Story Yet)
2 months ago
Chapter 1 Where am I? This is not my home. This isn’t anyone’s home. The walls are barren, the floorboards are exposed and crooked, the ceiling, or lack of, has seen better days. I rise, slowly. My bo...
Love (Part 2)
3 months ago
Love (Part 2) Before I get started I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has read part one, I’m so grateful and I’m hoping it’s helped or had an impact in someway. Now, I just want to a...
Love (Part 1)
3 months ago
Love and relationships: (Just a little heads up, it might get real in here, so a little warning for anyone who’s suffered from heartbreak and/or depression.) Where do I start? I’m 22 years old and I’v...