Adizzy D

 I love to blog and write short stories. I am a lover of horror, fantasy, space, and Aliens. Writing has always been my outlet and a place to escape from real life..  

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Rules to Dating My Son/Daughter
6 months ago
We have all seen it floating around social media, the “rules to dating my son/daughter.” We have either loved, liked, hated, had a laugh at it, or we were shocked about it. I saw this post a while bac...
The Worst Date from Hell!
7 months ago
My grandparents had asked me to go out to dinner with them so I agreed. This is where this story begins. My Nana ordered a steak that was way undercooked and she was beyond pissed. Our poor waitress w...
HER: A Short Story of a Damaged Friendship
7 months ago
Her—I never liked her. I stopped coming around because of her. There was something about HER. I sat and scratched my head as my friends told me about what they really thought about her, but why didn’t...