AdreAnna Sommer

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Is the Relationship Over?
7 days ago
There comes a point in a relationship when you start to question what the hell your still doing with that person. The truth is, the signs were there and slowly leading up to you feeling that way. So I...
Is He Interested in You or Are You the Booty Call?
9 days ago
We as humans desire to have sexual relations with others. It's just in our nature. The difference is some of us want more than just a late night booty call once a week. Some of us want that connection...
Living with Your Best Friend
13 days ago
Living with your best friend is a dream come true, yet a nightmare all at the same time. No matter how much you hang out with your friend, there will always be something new to learn about them when y...
To the Guy Who Thinks Everything Is a Joke
15 days ago
Dear Jokster, We have known each other for years and when we always find our way back to each other, the flame is still burning deep inside. This time everything is different. This time, I put my feel...
Is He About to Say Those 3 Words?
23 days ago
Those three words can make or break any relationship. And when a man is in love, he may or may not say it. So maybe you are here to determine whether or not you should be the one to say it first, or i...
Is He the One?
a month ago
There are many times when we think we are with the one we are supposed to be with the rest of our lives. The reality is, people, no matter if you are meant to be together, that just gets in the way; s...