AdreAnna Sommer

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10 Signs He Wants a Divorce
3 months ago
Men are complicated creatures and even more so when it comes to relationships. There is a difference between being complicated and just flat out not interested in his marriage anymore. It is shown tha...
Signs He Has Bad Intentions with You
7 months ago
Have you ever been texting a guy or out on a first date and he has you blushing?... But wait! Is he saying things only regarding himself, about what a good guy he is? Don't fall for it! Check out thes...
Will He Ever Commit?
a year ago
While we think people, more specifically men, will just say what they want, we are dead wrong. That is so incorrect, 2+2 equaling 5 would make more sense. Men are different creatures, they say what is...
Heart Broken
a year ago
They say loving someone who does not love you back is like hanging on to a burning rope while your body is engulfed in flames and you just hang on to dear life burning alive. We are too scared to let ...
Is the Relationship Over?
a year ago
There comes a point in a relationship when you start to question what the hell your still doing with that person. The truth is, the signs were there and slowly leading up to you feeling that way. So I...
Is He Interested in You or Are You the Booty Call?
a year ago
We as humans desire to have sexual relations with others. It's just in our nature. The difference is some of us want more than just a late night booty call once a week. Some of us want that connection...