Adri J

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The Night Bird (Ch. 3)
2 months ago
Chapter Three 5:21 AM. Robin’s alarm went off, and she hit snooze—just like grandpa always did. She always griped about his morning routine, but here she was doing the same thing. As her old alarm clo...
The Night Bird (Ch. 2)
3 months ago
Chapter Two Today felt like any other day. Get up, go to work, go to class, drive home. Routine, that’s all it was. But she felt like something was missing. Harvey hadn’t called all week. That was odd...
The Night Bird (Ch. 1)
3 months ago
Chapter One “Deep breaths. You got this,” she thought to herself. “Robin Wood?” Called the secretary. This was the fourth interview she had been to this month. “Big smile. Shake hands. Cross your ankl...