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I blog. I write. I write me, my recipes, my fantasies, characters based off of people I know. I also use and Writer's Outlet.

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Bad Date
6 months ago
I've never really been on an actual first date except maybe once. However, I can piece together what a bad one would be. On the way over, I was feeling nervous but assured myself I looked good. I'd go...
Happily Ever After
7 months ago
Happily ever after didn’t exist for her, though she inwardly craved it, even in its most realistic of manifestations. Oh, she’d already met her knight in shining armor. She knew it wasn’t a father com...
Emotional Heavy
7 months ago
Oversexed, overly desired. That’s how I’ve felt a lot, especially every Wednesday. I’m sick of it being this designated day men are set to. Hump day can move days or go fuck itself. No, I don’t feel h...
Love Pain
7 months ago
I've been in love. The pain is exquisite. It makes you hurt over their pain. It makes you hurt over them, knowing you can’t be theirs. Somewhere along the way, someone decided you wouldn’t be together...