Alexandrea Sams

Singer, Writer, Filmmaker, Performer...Art is what gives me air

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Ocean Deep
8 months ago
He was like an ocean, glittering and beautiful on the surface. At first glance, he seemed soft and comforting and warm. Unable to resist the glimmer of his water and the deep comforting scent of the a...
Loss and Love
a year ago
She watched as the smoke raised towards the sky to join the clouds, forming a thick gray blanket that covered the town she once loved. He came up behind her and placed his hand on her back. He looked ...
Words They Couldn't Say
a year ago
For years they struggled back and forth with their unspoken desire for each other, and for years it drained them both. To look at the person you want the most and be unable to tell them how you feel; ...
What Love Looks Like
a year ago
It was a windy yet beautiful spring day. The barn was decorated with lanterns and lavender, the dessert table consisted of Captain America decorated cupcakes. And the venue was packed with people that...