Alix McCormick

24 year old doggy mommy to an an adorable 2 year old Shiba Inu named Lucy and wife to the most wonderful husband in the world Adam. Loves history, loves to write and relax while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. 

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Marriage Is No Picnic
3 months ago
Marriage itself is hard, but when you are married to someone in the military, it just makes it twice as hard because of the deployments—or if you live separately due to conflict, money, or whatever re...
What I Am Thankful For
5 months ago
Happy Thanksgiving! So as per Thanksgiving tradition I want to say what I am thankful for since I now have more than enough to be thankful for. So here goes: The first thing I am thankful for is my he...
4 Tips and Tricks for Valentine's Day for Your Date!
a year ago
Valentine's Day is just around the corner! One of the stereotypical things about Valentine's Day is that it is when boyfriends and husbands pull out all the stops and make the night special for their ...
What I've Learned as a Newlywed
a year ago
On August 16, 2017, I married my best friend and love of my life. This day was almost five years in the making. It was nothing special; just my grandparents, a couple of our friends, and just us two. ...