Aliza Dube

I am a creative writing major at the University of Maine at Farmington. I write to make sense out of my insane life, and to help others if possible make sense of theirs. 

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Mother Trucker
7 months ago
#MyWorstDate I’ve never known how to play house. I don’t know how to be the girl that you bring home to Mom. Luckily, Avery didn’t bring me home to meet his mother, his mother met us at a bar. If I ha...
9 months ago
My sheets smell like gun oil. You could never seem to wash the ghost of bullets from your palm lines. Rifle stains spell out a destiny across the map of your hands. I only hope you remember that my na...
Georgia On My Mind
9 months ago
We drive past trailer parks, through towns with no police departments. We are searching for mountains to climb, as if we won’t have to face enough of our own soon enough. We’re living on borrowed time...
Ghost Story
9 months ago
There’s a breeze coming in off the ocean. The fog is rolling in like ghosts, reminding me of the specter the man I slept beside last night will soon be. Gooseflesh coils up my arms like a forest fire....