Alyssa Jones

College student going for engineering! Most of the things I write are about relationships mainly because I've been through a lot of things and I want to share or just help another girl out!

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How Much Is Too Much in a Relationship?
13 days ago
When starting a relationship there can be many questions a girl asks herself. One of the many questions is: how much is too much? Now this question can go for many things, like how much time together ...
What to Do After a Breakup
23 days ago
Most likely, you are reading this because you're going through a breakup or still can't get over an ex. Whether you've been through a breakup or not, this will help you get over any man. First off, if...
Second Love Gone Wrong
a month ago
Since my last breakup post was popular, I will do another. This breakup story is going to be about my second boyfriend. I'm skipping my first boyfriend because not too much happened. My second boyfrie...
The One I Lost
a month ago
This one's about the love I lost. We all have dated that one person that we instantly think is our person and we fall head over heels for them. Well I found mine then lost it. I met this guy when I le...
People Are Flowers
a month ago
Aren't flowers beautiful? Flowers are always beautiful even though they are all different. Every flower is unique in its own way yet they are all the same. They all have the same life cycle, they star...
Advice I Wish I Had
a month ago
The other day I was scrolling through Facebook just passing time. I came across a post from a girl that I don't really know and never have really talked to. She was saying how she was upset and felt w...