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How to Not Drive Your Roommate Insane
2 months ago
I have to admit, my roommate has some quirks that take some adjusting to. Everyone has their habits, and I know that I have my things too. But from having my fair share of experience with roommates, I...
How to Avoid Heartbreak When All You Want is Love
2 months ago
Why is it so easy to fall in love? Well, it is for me anyway. When I get a boyfriend, I tend to think he's the love of my life. I fall very easily and get wrapped up in all the excitement. Before I kn...
How Love Can Make You Sick
8 months ago
Love seems like it should be the most beautiful and wholesome thing in the world. While it can be, it can also be not so good, and people can get sick in love. This will lead them down destructive pat...
Why You Should Leave Toxic People in Your Past
9 months ago
In order for us to grow, we must make tough decisions. Where do I want to go to school? What do I want to do for the rest of my life? One of the most important questions is this; are the people that I...
Four Truths About Friendship
9 months ago
Everyone needs friends in order to survive. No human can live on their own forever, with no friends or no companions. I've never been the best friend in the world. Due to my mental illness going untre...