Amanda Karenina

I'm nobody.

Sunday Kind of Love
9 months ago
I do my Sunday dreaming, oh yeah. . . And all my Sunday scheming – Every minute, every hour, every day. Oh, I’m hoping to discover, A certain kind of lover – Who will show me the way. . . eh, would he...
Love, Loathing, and Self-Flagellation
9 months ago
How do you love someone so much that it hurts? When does it stop being love, and transition into longing? How do you tell someone who loved you when you weren’t ready — that you hate the waiting knowi...
The Song Remains the Same
9 months ago
"Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh, California sunlight Sweet Calcutta rain Honolulu starbright The song remains the same..." No reason, I just had this song in mind when I ventured into this musing... If you begin to l...
Love Triangles and Betrayal: The Tricky Triad
9 months ago
Love triangles. . . We don't understand the concept of a tricky triad, nor do we really comprehend the dynamics of being caught up in one, until we find ourselves stuck as a geometrical coordinate. Gr...