amanda mollett

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When He Is in Everything You Do
5 months ago
I think, see, and hear my husband in every single thing that I do. Every love song that I hear. Even the songs where the man is sorry because he messed up with the woman that he loves. Every time I ta...
Happy With What You Wait For?
6 months ago
Some women and even men have a list of what they want their spouses to have or have accomplished. I once was told by someone that her man had to have these five things: a car and not just any car the ...
In Case You Didn't Know
8 months ago
Do we ever tell our spouses how much we need them? How much we depend on them? How much we love them? How much we want them? Or do we just assume they know that? Do we hide our feelings or do we say h...
When It's Meant to Be, It's Only a Matter of Time
8 months ago
I believe that when something is truly meant to be, it will be. It could take a day, a month, or a year, but it is there somewhere waiting for you. Whatever it is that is meant to be for you. Maybe it...
The Party to End All Parties
9 months ago
When I was first dating my boyfriend, there was a girl that was married to a guy I knew from school. So it came as a surprise when she was trying to be up my boyfriends' butt. I mean literally. This g...
First Love or Last Love
a year ago
Would you rather be someone's first love or last love? I used to think that being someone's first love was a big thing. Don't get me wrong it is, but I think its even better to someone's last love. Es...