Angie Min

I'm probably the most extroverted introvert or the most introverted extrovert you know. Welcome to my space

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'Love Island': A Nation Obsessed
7 days ago
For those of you who haven't heard of Love Island, it is a UK reality TV show where single contestants all live together in a villa based in sunny Majorica where romance, drama, and tension all unfold...
A Letter to Every Boy I Ever Loved
11 days ago
Falling in love is up there with some of the greatest feelings anyone can have in the world. Falling out of love can leave you with some of the worst feelings you'll ever have. When a relationship end...
How to Deal With Dating Someone Richer Than You
13 days ago
My current boyfriend and I were old classmates of one another, and we recently reconnected and started dating. We had similar upbringings, but while my parents were remortgaging the house for the thir...