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Check on Your Strong Friends
2 months ago
The strong friend... we all have them—and if we don’t have them, we are them. It’s hard to be the strong friend. You don’t show off your vulnerability much, and you probably don’t cry in front of your...
How Often Do We Use Technology to Avoid People?
6 months ago
Type of Observation: Participation Observation Hypothesis: People will turn to their cellphones or laptops in situations they find awkward or uncomfortable. Findings: During the five hour participant ...
Do Girls Pick Their Friends Based off Their Attractiveness?
6 months ago
Type of Observation: Non-participant observation. Hypothesis: Girls will generally be friends with other girls who match their same level of attractiveness. Findings: I performed my research in two pa...
From Weakness Comes Strength: Part One
8 months ago
I honestly couldn’t even tell you how long I have wanted to tell my story. The full version, unedited, uncut, wholesome story. I’d be lying if I told you this is going to be easy for me write, and eve...