April Spring

A dreamer, a seeker of truth, an introspective soul, an adventurer, an observer, a traveller, quirky, a trauma survivor, a loyal friend, ethics conscious, sometimes a yogi on my journey to spiritual enlightenment  

Lessons of Love
21 days ago
The most complex, most challenging, life-changing, exhilarating, serotonin-inducing and at times energy-draining four-letter word known to man, love. Why do we, as humans, at times, do stupid and for ...
To What Extent Does Manipulation and Control End?
a month ago
Isn’t it funny how guilt can manipulate an individual, a person, a perception, a conscience, a circumstance, an event, a choice to favour one side over another? I often hear and read about stories of ...
Speak Your Truth
a month ago
There isn’t one person who never lied in life before. We are spiritual beings living a human experience after all. It starts from white lies to small lies to bigger lies. I’ve seen so many movies, rea...