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It Started With a Note
a year ago
There I was once again at Starbucks trying to read Dracula by Brahm Stoker. I’ve been trying to finish this book since the start of the fall semester, but sadly, I was bombarded with projects, tests, ...
A Letter to My Lost Friend
2 years ago
Hey, it’s me that person who you don’t want to see. The girl who once was your greatest friend but now is your worst enemy. I’m sorry for everything that I did. I’m sorry for throwing all of my proble...
First Love
2 years ago
I can still remember him clearly. My first love. No, it wasn’t an elementary or even middle school crush. It was a high school crush. I know, I’m a late bloomer but can you blame me? It wasn’t like I ...
Goodbye My Love
2 years ago
Your caresses, your smile, I miss it all. The sweet words you use to whisper in my ear. The gifts you'd give me on Valentine's day. It's all I remember about you. I once heard that when it comes to a ...