Brianna Price

A bewitched 24 year old and her three black cats, leaving an imprint on the world and the people we meet through out it. 

Common Misconception
a month ago
A man who says, "I love you," can hurt you. A woman who says, "I love you," can still cheat on you. The word "love" holds a very different meaning now than it did years ago. Time transcends all things...
Twisted Love
2 months ago
I saw him... He'd left a pair of Express jogger pants here and I'd folded them and placed them in the drawer with my clothes. But since everything blew up and we were forced to not speak any longer, t...
The Mistakes Made
2 months ago
I've made a mistake. A grave mistake.... I have done something that I don't even agree with. For years there has been someone who I loved, but we always narrowly missed one another. Now, in all fact, our time has come and it has gone. But as of late, we have been selfish, and deceitful. This man does not belong to me, and probably honestly will never belong to me. I will not elaborate on that but we shouldn't have taken the time that we did. Regardless of those facts, I have enjoyed my time with...
After the Break-Up
4 months ago
You know, I sit here everyday and go through about 20 emotional changes through out that day. I just recently got out of a three year relationship and the way I was left feeling... the hurt that came ...