Brittany D

I am a writer, author and painter. I have a Master's degree in Creative Writing and love writing about all kinds of topics. I'm a conservative republican, but respect all views. 

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Are You Ready for Marriage?
14 days ago
Marriage: Bells, white gowns, bridesmaids... money. All these things go into the good and bad of weddings. Every girl dreams of a princess wedding as a child. Some lose that dream when they become adu...
Why Some Men Are so Hard to Read
20 days ago
It's difficult being in a short term or long term relationship. Each of you is handling day to day challenges in your own lives, plus what the two of you accumulate together. Work, parents, friends an...
What I Wish I Had Done in My Abusive Relationship...
20 days ago
I've always been a shy girl/woman. My whole childhood and teen years I was nervous to really do anything, fearing that I would fail. It caused me to avoid lots of things. Even though my parents encour...
Why Being Bullied Sucks, but It's Okay
20 days ago
No one likes being bullied and it may even hurt your feelings to the point where you feel worthless or you start to believe your bully's words.
A Little Advice on Your Man...
a month ago
As women we have a tough road ahead as it is. Not because men make the world difficult, but because we have personal body issues to deal with every month, pain that often cramps our style, and clothin...