Caitie Perry

The name is Caitie, I am a Junior in college working on my degree in Journalism.

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Stalker Alert
4 months ago
Have you ever had a stalker? I have. Most stalkers I have had were familiar faces, unfortunately. But the upside is that I know I am safe—which isn't something most of us that are a victim of the hein...
Silent Treatment
5 months ago
Friends get in tiffs all the time. But when do we say, enough is enough? I have had friends in the past that have always gotten offended, or jealous and they would give me the silent treatment. Then a...
11 Things You Should Do in a Relationship
a year ago
Everyone in a long time relationship knows these 11 things are essential to growing with one another through this new walk with each other as a couple that plans to move things forward. Even when you ...
8 Ways to Impress that Guy
2 years ago
Who doesn't want to impress the guy of our liking? Or anyone for that matter? A lot of us enjoy making friends and seeing new people. Whether you are out on a date, or just meeting new people. These a...