Chimdi Chime

I am a mind wanderer who wants to turn my mind travels into a reality. I am a strong woman with lot's to learn. I love to express myself in so many different ways, from my experiences and what I have learned, so I hope you love my stories. 

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Communication Is Key
24 days ago
A very important factor in a good relationship is communication. A lot of people would agree with me on this one. Communication in your relationship doesn’t just mean always having something to talk a...
Cheat on Me Once, It's Over
a month ago
I do not condone cheating in any way, but frankly I'm a bit confused as to why a lot of people do not forgive a person for cheating, just once. Look, it wasn’t right to cheat in the first place and I ...
One Bad Deed Doesn’t Define a Person
a month ago
Have you ever been in a situation where you were looked down on or judged because of something you did in the past? Well it isn’t a pleasant feeling. Or, have you ever looked down on someone and thoug...
Friendship Takes Effort
a month ago
Honestly, friendship is a touchy topic for me. Back in elementary and high school, whenever my mom said something like, “What is your friend's name,” or “Is she your friend?” I always corrected her an...
Showing Love ≠ Emptying Your Pockets
a month ago
Many people out here think and believe that the person who says they love them has to spend a lot of money to show that love. The bigger the diamond, the bigger the love, Uhhh... NO! That couldn’t be ...
Comparison Is Not Healthy
a month ago
I guess by now this is not news to you; you’ve probably been told a lot of times to not compare yourself to others, and the same goes for your relationship. If you haven't heard it before, well, news ...