Chimdi Chime

I am a mind wanderer who wants to turn my mind travels into a reality. I am a strong woman with lot's to learn. I love to express myself in so many different ways, from my experiences to what I have learned, so I hope you love my stories. 

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The Craze
2 days ago
All male or all female boarding schools shape your mind in a certain way. The way you act may be different from your counterparts in mixed schools, all through the years of your boarding school life, ...
The Idea of a Relationship/Love
3 days ago
When you get into a new relationship, it's all butterflies in your stomach, blue skies, sweet melodies, rainbows, and unicorns. Everyone in a relationship goes through this phase, we call it the “hone...
The Rebound
3 days ago
Do you just get out of a relationship and decide to focus on yourself, and enjoy being single, or do you find someone else to fill the space, because you don't do single? Either way, we all have our d...
Self Love Is Not Selfish
5 days ago
People throw the word Selfish around as an insult, and that’s because the word selfish itself means lack of consideration for others, and chiefly thinking about your own interests. The “lack of” is wh...
The Chase or The Kill
9 days ago
Men can be very different kinds of animals when it comes to love. The chase is a thrill. Other animals love their kill, probably the chase as well, but for sure the kill. You don't see the lion chasin...
Send Nudes!
10 days ago
In this current generation the phrase “send nudes”, has become a slogan. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, male or female, "send nudes," can be said by anyone, but I think many would agr...