Chloe Gilholy

Chloe Gilholy is a care assistant from Oxfordshire with a passion for writing, travelling and gaming. Author of Drinking Poetry. 

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8 Reasons I Ended a 15-Year Friendship
5 months ago
The end of an era.
A Kink of Tea
5 months ago
A love triangle between three cups. Now that's something you don't hear of every day. Not just any old love triangle either. What if I were to tell you that there is a possible love triangle happening...
Sleeping Debate
6 months ago
It had been five days since Rita and Ivy had returned from their trip to Amsterdam. The holiday did not go as planned at all, but that wasn't bad thing as far as they were concerned. Rita and Ivy had ...
Samurai Badger
6 months ago
Mr. Badger liked his bed. Of course, he loved his wife, but his bed was what he loved the most. He had a long-lived affair with his bed. Who could blame him? He dedicated sixty years of his life towards the creative arts and child welfare. When he wore his Salvation Army uniform for the last time, he envisioned a quiet life by the countryside. It was easy to spot him anywhere; leopard-striped shorts, white vest, and a heart-shaped beard. His wife and son used to say men of his age should dress s...