Chloe Gilholy

Author of 9 books (including Drinking Poetry & Fishman) and over 300 stories across many genres. 

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Fishman Epilogue
8 months ago
I spent my twenty-fifth birthday in the cemetery. Drenched from the rain and heavy from burdens. Mum, Dad and my sister were only in their thirties when they died. Why did they have to die so young? I...
Fishman Chapter Fourteen
8 months ago
The lift is jolty. I don’t think it’s been serviced for a long time. I wish we took the stairs. I feel like the lift would drop and shatter within seconds. I should tell Todd that I hate lifts the nex...
Fishman Chapter Thirteen
8 months ago
I didn’t expect Grandad to be sitting on the couch with a cup of black coffee. BLACK COFFEE! Watching him drink anything non-alcoholic gives me the shivers. Something’s wrong. “Grandad?” “Yes, my boy!...
Fishman Chapter Eleven
8 months ago
My eyes squint at the tall guy with blue dreadlocks and green headphones. Is that Simon? Simon and his twin brother, Peter were two of the children that Ruth and Kathleen fostered together. They’ve gr...
Fishman Chapter Ten
8 months ago
Todd always seems to be the first to bar and loves being the last to leave. In the corner of the pub where cold pints covered the little table by the fire, Todd shows me some of his favourite screensh...
Fishman Chapter Nine
8 months ago
I think about the dream I had last night. It’s just a dream, it’s not and it never will be a flashback: Kathleen had no bad bone in her body. I’m not a gambling man, but if I was, I would bet that Kat...