Claire Raymond

I have been a writer for 14 years now, I'll figure it out one day.

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4 Signs That You Are a Pushover
9 months ago
There are three types of people in the world; pushers, pushovers, and those of us that are somewhere in the middle. Let's call them non-pushers. And as a non-pusher, it can be really annoying to see s...
Five Things We Need to Stop Saying to Men
9 months ago
Everyone knows that there are certain things you say to women, but men don't have the luxury of that protection. For the most part, we see men as fair game, and that we should be able to say what we w...
5 Signs You Are in the Wrong Relationship
a year ago
We have all had at least one terrible relationship in our time. There's nothing wrong with that; it's a fact of life that not every relationship we have is going to be good. But what is wrong is stayi...
5 Signs That Your Date Is Garbage
a year ago
The dating world is savage, it's a freaking mess out there and for anyone who is dating at the moment, you know all too well what garbage human beings people can be. But sadly, when you're dating, you...
5 Things Every Newly Out Person Should Know
a year ago
Life can feel very different before you come out compared to after; it's a liberating experience that can make you feel more confident about yourself, like you are finally able to show the world your ...
5 Signs That You're Secretly a Jerk
a year ago
We all have our moments. Everyone is kind of an a-hole at times. But even though we might try to be semi-decent human beings, and we might show our "good" sides to the world, it turns out, some people...