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21 "No Reason" Gifts Just To Show Her You Care
5 months ago
There's something about falling in love with the right person that makes you want to pamper them — even if it's not Valentine's Day. Gifts that are "just because" don't have to be super-romantic; they...
Why Are Old People So Freakin' Mean?
9 months ago
I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in suburban New Jersey, half-working, half-surfing the web, half-stuffing my face with a delicious piece of goat cheese topped multigrain toast. Like any normal...
Can Men and Women Really Be "Just Friends?"
10 months ago
It seems to be the oldest question in a relationship, to be friends or something more. Can a boy and a girl stay platonic friends, or can and will something serious grow out of a simple "friendly" rel...