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How To Find Your Perfect Shade of Grey
a year ago
When the franchise first appeared, Fifty Shades of Grey turned into one of the biggest sensations the romance genre had ever seen. The turbulent relationship between Christian and Anastasia and often ...
21 "No Reason" Gifts Just To Show Her You Care
2 years ago
There's something about falling in love with the right person that makes you want to pamper them — even if it's not Valentine's Day. Gifts that are "just because" don't have to be super-romantic; they...
Why Are Old People So Freakin' Mean?
2 years ago
I am currently sitting in a coffee shop in suburban New Jersey, half-working, half-surfing the web, half-stuffing my face with a delicious piece of goat cheese topped multigrain toast. Like any normal...
Can Men and Women Really Be "Just Friends?"
2 years ago
It seems to be the oldest question in a relationship, to be friends or something more. Can a boy and a girl stay platonic friends, or can and will something serious grow out of a simple "friendly" rel...