Danielle McLean

Small town girl currently living in down town Toronto. Forever attempting to maintain a social life, some romance and a strong career; all at the same time. Writing based on personal experiences and a woman's intuition. 

The Deepest Connection Your Soul Has Ever Felt
7 months ago
There is a very specific person that came to mind when you read that title. I want to encourage you to think about them. No matter how painful, no matter how much it hurts that you aren't together. Th...
Relationship Expectations vs. Reality
a year ago
People have conjured up a magnificent, dramatic, romantic, ideal relationship in their head that completely stops them from enjoying what is really in front of them. It is difficult to differentiate w...
"But No! I'm Different..."
2 years ago
WHY do we always do this to ourselves? Why do we always think that we will be the one to change him? Why do we so desperately want to believe that we have some kind of super-woman power to make him se...
What It's Really Like Dating "The Bad Boy"
2 years ago
At least one point in every woman's life, she has dated/slept with a stereotypical "bad boy". I feel like nowadays a "bad boy" is actually just a "fuck boy". Things that used to immediately classify a...