Dbag Dating

A multi-cultural dating investigation. Written by Marina Khorosh, a Russian-born New Yorker with a penchant for all things French.


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The Dbag Dating Guide to German Men
9 months ago
Let's face it, the mention of German men doesn't evoke much passion. Never have I seen a friend break into a dreamy smile en route to Berlin, or wax poetic about some German dreamboat she had just men...
The Dbag Dating Guide to Dating Israeli Men
10 months ago
Hot dudes and humus. No, this is not the title of my impending memoir but A.) this Instagram account and B.) two things my girlfriends guaranteed I would be “literally, obsessed with” when I announced...
The Art of Dating: Paris vs. New York
10 months ago
When it comes to dating, Paris and New York are like two famous men: both come with reputations that precede them. On one side of the Atlantic we have have the elitist Frenchmen, self-proclaimed arden...
Russian Dating Myths Debunked
10 months ago
When I was 11-years-old, I went on an exchange program in a French city called Nîmes. On my first night there, a boy named Arnaud confronted me with two pressing questions—Did we have electricity, and...
A Frenchman Opens Up About Dating in America
10 months ago
Over the past four years, I have practically made a (pro-bono) career of analyzing the French and their laissez-faire stance on everything, dating included. And so I thought it would only be fair to f...
The Dbag Dating Guide to Italian Men
10 months ago
Of all the men on the planet, it appears that nobody drives women crazy like the Italians. The mere thought of a trip to Italy seems to send most of my girlfriends into daydream overdrive, as they env...