Dbag Dating

A multi-cultural dating investigation. Written by Marina Khorosh, a Russian-born New Yorker with a penchant for all things French.


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The Dbag Dating Guide to German Men
7 months ago
Let's face it, the mention of German men doesn't evoke much passion. Never have I seen a friend break into a dreamy smile en route to Berlin, or wax poetic about some German dreamboat she had just men...
The Dbag Dating Guide to Dating Israeli Men
7 months ago
Hot dudes and humus. No, this is not the title of my impending memoir but A.) this Instagram account and B.) two things my girlfriends guaranteed I would be “literally, obsessed with” when I announced...
The Art of Dating: Paris vs. New York
7 months ago
When it comes to dating, Paris and New York are like two famous men: both come with reputations that precede them. On one side of the Atlantic we have have the elitist Frenchmen, self-proclaimed arden...
Russian Dating Myths Debunked
7 months ago
When I was 11-years-old, I went on an exchange program in a French city called Nîmes. On my first night there, a boy named Arnaud confronted me with two pressing questions—Did we have electricity, and...
A Frenchman Opens Up About Dating in America
7 months ago
Over the past four years, I have practically made a (pro-bono) career of analyzing the French and their laissez-faire stance on everything, dating included. And so I thought it would only be fair to f...
The Dbag Dating Guide to Italian Men
7 months ago
Of all the men on the planet, it appears that nobody drives women crazy like the Italians. The mere thought of a trip to Italy seems to send most of my girlfriends into daydream overdrive, as they env...