Delilah Jayde

Delilah is a musician and model whose interest in writing began with writing lyrics. Her work is inspired by the daily musings of life and the discussions they create. You can follow her on Facebook at:

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10 Valentine's Day Gifts for Men, According to Men
12 days ago
I've never been asked what I wanted to do for Valentine's Day. I do assume, though, that it's a stereotypical novelty for the events of Valentine's Day to be a bit of a surprise each year. We mind-rea...
Here's What You Should Do on Valentine's Day If You Are Single
14 days ago
Yes yes, we know, Valentine's Day sucks when you're single. You succumb to the scrutiny of your mother every year around this time about grandchildren and when she is going to get any. The glowing rea...
The Valentine’s Day Social Media Post – A 2-Minute Guide to What to Expect
14 days ago
So it's almost Valentine's Day again. The day that society pressures the boyfriends of the world to spend the amount of how much they really love you, while simultaneously pressuring the girlfriends o...
20 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Say More Than Roses
16 days ago
So last year you did a classic: roses and chocolates. The year before that you got her a pretty bottle of her favorite perfume and a nice candlelit dinner. And the year before that was home baked cook...
The Single Reason Why Your Relationship Might Be Failing
19 days ago
Many people consider relationships as 'having found their other half'. We go from being whole to being half of something, a complete person only when we are with someone else. We allow our minds to be...
6 Types of People You Will See on Valentine's Day
21 days ago
Valentine's Day: The time of year when the universe celebrates the obvious timely successes of Purdys, Hallmark, and Kleenex. In the advanced world of social media, it is this such once-a-year date th...