Denise Willis

I have a bachelors degree in accounting, and a masters degree in psychology. But, art and writing have always been my love.  I have three grown sons, and recently, I finished a novel of around 200 pages, ready to post to Amazon.

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Signs He Isn't Into You
12 days ago
I was blessed with a nice body, and looked like I was sixteen when I was only twelve. I was quite proud of my body, and the older I got, the more fixated I was on it. I was whistled at, hooted at, sta...
Subconscious Choices
a month ago
When looking for the right person to be with through life, it is often a difficult and frustrating experience, especially considering our conscious mind is not really in control of what is going on. S...
When Love Isn't Forever
2 months ago
It was the worst year of my life, other than the year I lost my father. I had acquired a case of trigger thumb in both hands, a condition that causes your thumbs to bend at the joint and they won't un...
Five Traits of a Controlling/Abusive Person
2 months ago
He had bedroom eyes, thick, dark hair, and a smile that made my heart beat a little faster. I was at a vulnerable point in my life; recently divorced and fighting my parents for custody of my son, so ...
The Abusive Relationship
2 months ago
It was dark when Tony got out of bed to go on his business trip, but I lay there quietly, not making a sound and wanting him to hurry up and leave so I could pack. A few days before the trip, I notice...
Five Reasons Not to Marry Someone
3 months ago
I have been married four times, five times if you count the fact that I married the same man twice. Not that these facts make me an expert, but they have given me some good insight as to the wrong rea...