Denise Willis

I have a bachelors degree in accounting, and a masters degree in psychology. But, art and writing have always been my love.  I have three grown sons, and recently, I finished a novel of around 200 pages, ready to post to Amazon.

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When Love Isn't Forever
a day ago
It was the worst year of my life, other than the year I lost my father. I had acquired a case of trigger thumb in both hands, a condition that causes your thumbs to bend at the joint and they won't un...
Five Traits of a Controlling/Abusive Person
6 days ago
He had bedroom eyes, thick, dark hair, and a smile that made my heart beat a little faster. I was at a vulnerable point in my life; recently divorced and fighting my parents for custody of my son, so ...
The Abusive Relationship
16 days ago
It was dark when Tony got out of bed to go on his business trip, but I lay there quietly, not making a sound and wanting him to hurry up and leave so I could pack. A few days before the trip, I notice...
Five Reasons Not to Marry Someone
a month ago
I have been married four times, five times if you count the fact that I married the same man twice. Not that these facts make me an expert, but they have given me some good insight as to the wrong rea...