Edward Anderson

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How Do I Know?
5 months ago
Subtlety is not something that I am familiar with. In every area of my life, bluntness is the name of the game. No one has time for the silly games of "well, maybe, kind of..." etc. Yet twice in the l...
Millennials Next Target
6 months ago
Millennials. Is there nothing these pesky "young adults" won't try to ruin? First, they get married and stay married. Who told them that this was OK? Divorce was invented so that we didn't have to sta...
Dating Is Hard, Vodka Is Easy
a year ago
Ever since I moved back to the city, I have been on a dating frenzy. Some of the situations have been great and others, well that's best left to the Drunk Dating blog that I'm going to start. There's ...
And 3 Makes Tension
2 years ago
This is the first time that I am putting this story into writing, and it freaks me out a little bit. The person, my co-star, if you will, will never read it, and even if he does, he can’t get ahold of...
Kevin Spacey's Coming Out Distraction
2 years ago
Trigger Warning: This post is about sexual harassment/abuse and homophobia. Some of the language following this will be quite strong. Some of my friends are going to read this and wonder who the hell ...
How to Get People to Show Their True Colors
2 years ago
Facebook is my livelihood. No, that is not sarcasm or an exaggeration; the majority of my income comes from writing posts for small businesses. So, when people tell me that I should take a break from ...