Edward Anderson

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My Big City Single Life
2 years ago
"Houston, I know there's a problem here, Must be a hole in the atmosphere. Baby, I wanna be closer to love," Britney Spears sings during "Man On The Moon" from her Glory CD. Great song. There's the ba...
Who's Not Your Baby?
2 years ago
Who's your daddy? Straight guys have been using this line to pick up females for quite some time, to varying degrees of success. It always struck me as incestuous and gross. Like why would anyone want...
Museum of Toxic Masculinity
2 years ago
This weekend, I decided to adventure a little bit. What's the point in living in the greatest city (NYC) in the world if all I ever do is work. So I walked through Central Park, had my music on and en...
Don't Judge Me
2 years ago
June 26, 2015. The day that the Supreme Court ruled that marriage was a Constitutional right that should be afforded to all people, regardless of sexual orientation. It was a landmark day for gay righ...
Does Unfriending on Facebook Mean Unfriending In Real Life?
2 years ago
June is LGBT Pride month, even if the current resident of the White House won't recognize it. So it's fair to tell you that I am part of the community, I'll wait while you pick your jaws up off the fl...